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Old Man and Winetarelli,

I never said I had never watched a movie with Depp, I said I never saw Pirates, Lone Ranger, Wonka, Alice in Wonderland or Sweeney Todd, and do not plan to as well.

I did see the first 15-20 minutes of Todd, but was not in the mood and changed the channel.

I think of Depp in Before Night Falls, Ed Woods & Chocolat.
I was just thinking about the subject of Johnny Depp when I saw another commercial for Lone Ranger. I think for me he is one of the most overrated actors out there. A few of the films listed here I've enoyed, but most listed I've not and not in small part because of Depp. I won't even bother putting Lone Ranger in my Netflix queue, and that says a lot because it is not without many films of questionable quality.
Ed Wood was a truly fantastic movie (as are the others listed). I would throw Benny & Joon in there as well.

I blame the actor less than the powers that be in regards to his shtick. Pirates was such a hit because of it, it became a marketable "thing" that was ordered off a menu. Depp's fault that he took the money and agreed to do it, but many others have done the same with their own (and become just as disillusioned).
Originally posted by Vino Bevo:
That's my problem with Depp - he plays the same character in Pirates, Lone Ranger, Wonka, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, etc., etc. I think his schtick is finally getting old...

I should have said "my recent problem with Depp" because as many have said, he has been in movies I enjoyed, like Donnie Brasco, where he wasn't this painted up weird guy - it's just that everything he's done in the last several years is that same character in a different role and it's tired...
Watched parts of this is 40 while pacing with the little one on Friday night. Maybe we will relate to it more when we are 40, but the parts I watched were sad and the way the parents acted were sad (and embarrassing for them) so I hope I can never relate to it! Maybe if I watched the entire movie I would have it in better context, but I didn’t like it.

Funny enough, we sat right next to Judd Apatow and his wife at Farmshop in Brentwood on Saturday morning.

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