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On dvd: Batman: the Dark Night Rises

Misc thoughts: interesting that the director cast at least 4 actors that he used in Inception in this film too; also thought about the Colorado movie theater shooting when this film opened; especially since the trial will begin soon or he will be declared insane. From a pure film point of view I thought it was a snoozer: too long, too simple and over acted. A 3 hour film. Really? You need that much of my time to tell your story? I also thought that the villain "Bane" was probably the most weird sounding and looking S&M attired charactor I've seen in awhile (not since the Matrix leather and vinyl fest and the Silence of the Lambs outfit for Anthony Hopkins which the actor playing Bane (also in Inception) appears to be channeling). Anne Hathaway also looked like she became anorexic for the role she was so thin. What a mess.
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Oz: The Great and Powerful in 3D


The visuals were good. The story line was interesting with subtle references to the original to help lay the foundation of the much better original film. It was a bit slow early in the film. For whatever reason, had a bit of trouble with Franco as a sleazy Carnie, just did not seem to fit. Good film for an escape, but overall, meh.
Over the last couple days:

Skyfall - enjoyed it and got a big old grin when he opened the garage to the Aston Martin. Although he's still no Sean Connery I really like Daniel Craig as Bond.
The Hobbit - meh...
Zero Dark Thirty - when I saw the trailer for the first time I wasn't all that interested, but after all the talk I decided to give it a try and enjoyed it.
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The Hobbit

Jackson should have left well enough alone.

I have an idea to improve this. After the third one comes out (did he really need to take a shorter book, add other material to it, and make it longer than Lord of The Rings?) this could be the first dvd set where the director's cut is actually shorter than the original. He should cut all three down to around two hours.
I'm not sure why someone, who hasn't attacked anyone, and has simply joined in the spirit of this thread, is referred to as a troll. In addition, and I hope this doesn't come as a surprise to you, people have different opinions. I asked my wife her opinion, and without prompting from me gave it one less point.

Thank you for the warm welcome.

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