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Yes, but if they were really competent, the movie wouldn't end well for our heroes.

That's true but maybe homefield advantage has something to do with it Wink

HG Wells wrote War of the Worlds in the 19th century. The invaders were technologically superior but died because they had no immunity to our bugs and viruses. I always thought that was a pretty brillant story.

Just finished disc one of Homeland season 1. Not sure if I like it. Its well done, but they telegraph how its going to play out by the end of each episode. This is my same criticism of Downton Abbey.

Also, Code Unknown, in French. Four intersecting stories. Thought provoking but I found it emotionally detached due to my bad French and from reading the subtitles.
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Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Excellent.

Ha! Watching it tonight! Great to know...

It was actually painful to watch, I had to pause it a few times just to keep myself from putting my head through the wall.
Bang Bang Bang

So, beyond the whole Emma is adorable thing, I found this movie incredibly claustrophobic. The world it presents is so small, the filming so tight. The characters are almost believable, but don't really ring true. For whatever reason, I've always been put off by high school dramas, especially those that take place before the mid-late 90's when I was in HS. The dialogue, especially in the beginning, was timed incorrectly. I knew the big reveal that happens an hour thirty minutes into the movie at about 5 minutes into the movie. There is another plot development I really don't like as well.

There also seems to be the undercurrent of "this is what high school is like". Nope. Not for me. The awkwardness with girls and social misfit feelings? Sure. Yes. Absolutely. The other stuff? Nope. And to the exent that we were all somewhat damaged, it did not come up in the ways that this movie portrayed. Honestly, Superbad was a more accurate depiction of my senior year than this.

On the bright side, once 20 minutes in, Emma's acting became quite good.

Geez, I needed an hour of Lewis Black standup just to unwind from this, though.

Originally posted by thelostverse:
Sorry you didn't like it. It's funny how these themes strike people differently.

I had never heard of the movie until my wife saw it on some list of 10 best movies of the year that nobody had seen (as based upon box-office take).

Oh, not your fault I didn't like it Wink Most critics agreed with you.

I think part of my letdown was the run-up to it. I saw lots of reviews where the cast (and by that I mean Emma) was saying the movie was meant to make you nostalgic for high school.

What is incredible about the movie is that it really is told through the perception of a 14/15 year old boy. There is no broader awareness. As I said, that made me feel claustrophobic, but I can see how it would be refreshing to others.
Amazing to me how sometimes I can watch a movie in French and understand a great deal and sometimes I don't understand it at all. (This was closer to the latter).
The movie, like life at its end, was slow. That was poetic. There were things I didn't understand. What was the deal with the pigeons?
I don't get that.
The acting was very fine, and I thought the guy who played the husband was as good as Emanuelle Riva.
The movie is quite sad, particularly for me, having gone through this kind of thing.
A very good movie.

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