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Originally posted by Sandy Fitzgerald:
My wife and I went last night to see Benjamin Buttons. What a Wonderfull movie! I needed to get up and go pee (it was 3 hours long) but didn't want to miss a second!

My wife was considering sending in the medics when I stayed so long after the movie. Big Grin


For future reference, an empty popcorn bucket or fountain drink cup will work just fine. However, it can be somewhat distracting for other people in your row. Big Grin
Originally posted by Sleepyhaus:
Watched Burn After Reading Last Night, really liked it. Funny how the critics split on this one, but I thought it was good. Minor in the Cohen's Canon maybe, but a success nonetheless

Wow. We had totally different experiences. Saw this last night, and I got a chuckle out of George Clooney "discharging" his firearm, but other than that, what a complete waste of time! At least in the other Cohen movies there is a charactor or two you can care about, but not a one in this case. The only one I felt for was the CIA director who was trying to make sense of all of it. I felt his pain.
The Coen Bros. ought to be ashamed of this half-baked mess.
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mneeley490, I do totally disagree about Burn After Reading. I wouldn't say I care about the characters, though perhaps a bit for JMalk's character, but I like the feel of it, the smooth ride. I think that would have to explain the critical mixed reviews too. In EW you have Lisa panning it and Gabe putting it on his ten best of '08. I am not sure how far to that end I would go, but my wife and I both enjoyed it.

Last night we watched Tropic Thunder, which I thought was okay. Many critics really liked this too, but I thought it was okay, but just okay, no better.
Originally posted by PurpleHaze:
Gran Torino this afternoon.

Fun. Uncomfortable at times, with a TON of racist slurs courtesy of Clint, but an entertaining couple of hours with some good performances by many. Ahney Her, as the daughter next door was very good I thought.

I was LMAO at Eastwood's slurs. Agree qith Ahney Her's performance.

Very good movie. Probably the best movie I've seen this year. You could tell it was originally a play. Very Mamet-like pacing. A "this ishow to act" workshop with Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Amy Adams giving stellar performances... but oh my! Meryl Streep was just incredible. There simply is no better living actress. To see two masterful actors like Adams and Hoffman and then see how much better she is than them... absolutely remarkable. But perhaps even more remarkable, still, is that there is one three minute scene where a woman who is only in this one scene, actually stands her ground to Streep... I had never seen this woman before, but for this one small scene I would say she should be nominated for the best supporting actress Oscar... and maybe she should win it. Not a 'feel good' movie, but not depressing at all either. Highly reccomended.

[side note] The above review was written a few days ago and I was just too lazy to post it. The woman's name is Viola Davis, she was nominated for the Golden Globe, and they say she is likely to be nominated for an Oscar. So, good for her!
Originally posted by wine+art:
Originally posted by GlennK:
Slumdog Millionaire.

A brilliant movie. I have been trying to get KSC02 to go, but he is playing hard to get.

It is in my Top 10 of the year.

Certainly not. I AM going to see this movie.
I'm just a bit slow to get out to the cinema some times. Smile

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