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Dead Again

I could go on and on about how big of a role this movie played in my pre-teens. Basically, this is the first movie I ever saw that I watched critically and considered to be work product. I hadn't seen it in years. Even knowing the plot twists, this remains a great piece of work, imo. One of those movies that may never have gotten the critical acclaim / awards / money it deserved, but when you mention it to another movie lover, his face normally just lights up -- rightfully so. It is excellent. And for those who've not seen it, my understanding is that it is the movie that thrust Ken Branagh and Emma Thompson both into the 'star' category, and you should rent it.
Originally posted by gigabit:
My wife and I finally watched The King's Speech. We both thought it was an excellent movie.

Memo to Christian Bale: I enjoyed your performance in The Fighter very much; however, the award should have gone to Geoffrey Rush.

Ditto and Ditto.

Black Swan - in spite of the naughty parts, my wife liked it more than I. Hmmm...perhaps she liked it more because of the naughty parts!
Recovering from double hernia surgery, I loaded up on a few mindless movies and one good one.

Knight and Day -- certainly filled the mindless part of the criteria. Cameron Diaz was nice to look at.
Unstoppable -- again, mindless movie. Predictable but not bad.
Inception -- a few holes in it, but I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.
Quantum Solace (or something like that -- most recent James Bond flick I believe) -- actually have only watched about half as I was falling asleep. Typical James Bond action. Might have been the pain pill I took, but the action sequences seemed as if they were speeded up a bit.

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