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Waste Land, an amazing documentary about people who pick through trash in a vast landfill outside Rio de Janeiro, and about Vik Muniz, an artist who brought the catadores to world attention. This is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and to the power of art to transform, to heal, and to mobilize. The movie snuck up on me and evoked quite an emotional response. When the catadores saw the finished portraits Muniz had made of them, many of them wept. I did too. Highly recommended.

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Over the last week or so:

Heavens Fall -- Inspired by the Scottsboro Nine incident in Alabama in the early 1930s. I enjoyed this quite a bit, though it was a tad depressing given the subject matter. A positive note to see that the "Yankee" lawyer gave the eulogy at the district attorney's funeral. Timothy Hutton played Sam Leibowitz (the Yankee Lawyer) and did a pretty good job except for an annoying accent. Also starred David Strathairn, who I like quite a bit, and he did a great job as always.

Talk to Me -- Another movie inspired by a true story and I liked this one too. I'm a fan of Don Cheadle also.

Paris Je T'aime -- Overall pretty boring and did nothing for me.
Depending on which one it was, the others might have been Lon Chaney, Jr, Bela Lugosi, and Maria Ouspenskaya.

By the way, if you haven't read the book, Mary Shelley did a wonderful job and it's most definitely not a horror story. In a page and a half, Victor Frankenstein goes from discovering the secret of life to having the creature. There's no talk of grave robbing or body parts. I highly recommend it.

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