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This is my first Bordeaux wine. I am definitely liking it while I relax.
The nose of this was very enticing, throughout the glass. It gripped my attention until it touched my palate with its curious scents of red fruit and mild spice. This is a deep red wine. It tastes of dark berries and undefined spices. The tannins are extremely silent, coming from this blended wine.
The cost of this bottle seemed reasonable, at $11, plus shipping fee.
It was corked with natural wood and decanted; there is the presence of some sediment.
I give this wine 85.
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I just had the Mouton Cadet Bordeaux 2011 last Saturday night (not this vintage but I didn't feel the need to start a new thread over a cheapo wine like this). Again, this isn't a block buster wine by any account, but I did find it to be decent cheap wine after you've already served a few bottles.

I bought my bottle for $6.97, so it certainly didn't break the bank. It wasn't vinegar, but it won't be making the cover of Wine Spectator next month by any means either.

I keep a few drinkable cheapo's like this one around to serve after hours while entertaining, because my hospitality in terms of serving my "good" wine tends to run out after two or three bottles.

I tasted a lot of oak, cherry, and blackberry as well. It was medium in body.
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