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I've had some of the 2002 Michel Gros version of this wine, it had a classic nose of rose petal, cigar, tea leaf immediately upon pouring...and I was surprised that it opened up this quickly, given that "En la Rue de Vergy" is supposed to be a Premier Cru (I was all ready to decant).

Having investigated a little further, the Michel Gros is considered to be a village wine, while some other wines from supposedly same vineyard are Premier Cru. Hugh's Wine Atlas has the vineyard labelled as Premier Cru, but apparently this is not always the case?

Realizing that life is too short to try to figure out all of Burgundy's nuances, but can anyone shed some light on this for me? Confused

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En la Rue de Vergy is not a premier cru vineyard. It is situated above the Clos de Tart and next to the Clos des Lambrays vineyards, both of which have grand cru status. There are no premier cru vineyards above the Clos de Tart and Clos des Lambrays. En la Rue de Vergy was replanted during the 80's as it was previously abandoned to phylloxera, according to the Michel Gros website

It also says in the website that the INAO is currently processing an application to raise the status of En la Rue de Vergy from village to premier cru.

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