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The MWP is getting together for a left bank tasting, vintage non-specific.

The posse includes:

Steve8 & J(2)
Lovelandre + K(2)

Saturday, December 1st, 2007 @ 6:30pm(blind tasting)
Resto: TBA

Any lurkers out there, let us know.
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You are most welcome !!
Please see your e-mail at the hotmail account you had provided in another thread.

As for what you have to bring, it is simple:
1 bottle per person.
We have no $$ amount, you bring what you like, or like to share or want to try.
Our offlines are usually done blind so please do not mention what you are bringing. We will bag the wines at the restaurant. If you do bag before, please use a standard SAQ paper bag.
Someone usually brings a dessert wine
Someone also brings a sauternes for the foie gras dish.

If you want to contribute to one of those wines please mention it so we don't fight to much as to which one we will open !!

That's it !

See you there !
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Originally posted by bman:
I'd be tempted to make another trip to Montreal for this, since I'm beginning to develop a worrying fondness for aged bordeaux, but we have something else that evening, and we'll have some other travel expenses around year end. Maybe in Feb or March though....

You always have a standing invitation, Bman. We've had some other offlines that we did not post as we were pretty packed from the get-go but I've added your email to our initial email lists for future offlines in case you're free a weekend to come and drink/taste with us.
Originally posted by KSC02:
Originally posted by KSC02:
BTW: I'd be happy to offer up an add'l stickie as well for this one, if you're still looking.

Decided to offer up a 2003 Baumard Quarts de Chaume for one of the dessert wines.(I'm assuming these aren't blind) Smile
If this works, just let me know.

Ya, like we are going to kick a gift horse in the mouth !!

Of course it's ok !!

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