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Such a large contingency, but let's give it a try. Vinaigre and Mimik, sounds like you guys are interested. Any others? Dr.C? Posted? Gilles? Martin Lavigne? Or any lurkers?

Let's do this in November. Do you want to go to Bu or a BYOB restaurant? Weeknight or weekend? My travel schedule for the next couple of weeks is pretty heavy, so weeknights will be tough for me. Let me know your thoughts.
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I'm also interested..
But Friday's are no good for me.
Let's get some ideas going, then we could decide on the day..
BU sounds interesting, has anyone tried it yet ?
I went one night, no resevations so I didn't get in, the place is small, so we would have to reserve, the wine list looks OK, and the food nice and simple.
I went to "Les Caves St-Joseph" down the street, resonable low end wine list, good food, so that could be another idea ??

I went to Bu a couple of weeks ago. Saturday night, but we just sat at the bar. I agree that wine list is pretty good and not over priced. We were there for wine only so just ordered a cheese plate. The food that other people were ordering looked good and I've read good things about it. Works for me if you guys prefer it to a BYOB.

I'll throw out a couple of possible dates from my perspective. Sunday the 14th? Thursday the 18th? Sunday the 21st? Let me know.

Any other lurkers interested? JFL91?
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J and I had a good time at Bu. Mimik, nice meeting you and Vinaigre, good seeing you again.

We should have written down what we were drinking because I can't remember all of the wines.

2001 Brancaia Chianti Classico was my favourite of the night. '01 Caymus Zin was also good. I can't remember the winery but the '99 Barolo was another good one.

Next time, lets get together at a BYOB, so we can really drink some good wine. And save some money too Wink
Mimik. Since the store that was going to put some aside for me is closed until further notice, I doubt I will get any...yet. I wonder what they are going to do with the releases for Tuesday. And beyond if this strike goes on for more than a week. They can't release all of the new arrivals at the few stores that are open, can they?

The 14th anniversary of the Montreal group will take place on Friday November 23rd 2018. The theme will be wines from 2004, the year or just bring a special bottle. Or we can do Italian wines that must be at least as old as 2004 to commemorate our first offline that was Italian themed.

Attendees so far

Mimik(maybe + 1)


uncle john(2)

Wines- 2004 Ornato or a 2004 Flaccianello

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