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Ian Brand's wines are there and I'm completely prejudiced in my recommendation. Ian's a great winemaker, guy, guitar-player, wedding-proposal assistant planner, and beard-grower.


A fried of mine visited the area in December, and here's an email Ian sent with suggestions / ideas

Carmel has a cluster, which is good. Trio on Dolores is our co-op, and all the wines there are good (not just mine). Wrath is pretty good. Figge down the street is decent. Talbot in Carmel Valley is solid, if a touch heavy on the oak. CRBC, per Paul's rec below, is a good place for a burger. Here are some more:

Classier but worth it:
1833 (same owners as CRBC, excellent cocktails and wines, great atmosphere)
Passionfish (good food, killer wine list, low mark-up)
Cantinetta Luca in Carmel across from Trio

Bistro Moulin on Wave St. in Monterey
La Biciclette on Dolores in Carmel
Tommy's Wok in Carmel
Lokal in Carmel Valley
The Attic Bar in Monterey (no food)
Carmel Belle Café
The Hog's Breath in Carmel (bar)

More Casual:
Mi Pueblo Market on Fremont Boulevard in Seaside (giant and yellow, corner of Fremont and Broadway, pretty killer stuff)
Noodle Shop in Seaside

For the more adventurous
El Charrito Market for burritos on W. Market in Salinas
Gutierrez Drive In on Sherwood in Salinas for Carnitas and only Carnitas.

Can't miss stuff:
Point Lobos Park
Driving the Big Sur Coast
Cocktails on the porch of the Mission Ranch Inn on the South Side of Carmel
A warm day on Carmel Beach
CRBC = Cannery Row Brewing Company which I recommended in my pubs and gastropubs thread. Great beer selection. Last visit they had Old Rasputin on tap, which I've only seen at the brewery in Fort Bragg on tap and Turbodog on tap which I can't ever remember seeing in New Orleans on tap. Someone there is super serious about their beer.

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