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Originally posted by Dave Tong BBP:
Does anyone have current contact information for Montallegro Vineyards? Google only turns up a phone number that is out of date.

Nobody? Come on, they just had a wine rated by WS. Someone, somewhere must know who they are.

Can someone ask on eBob for me?

James, do you still have the empty bottle or the cork?
Originally posted by pape du neuf:
Is this the out of date number?
Montallegro Vineyards, Los Gatos, CA 95030, United States (408) 356-1099

Yes. I've called them several times and only got voicemail.
Finally got through at the weekend and they deny all knowledge of Montallegro Vineyards.

Everything I know about them is here:
I had assumed that they were defunct - I could find no trace of them since the 01 vintage
then suddenly WS rated the 2004 92 points. However it seems to be the rarest wine on the
planet right now.

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