Mondavi 1972

My friend has a bottle that his dad gave him but I would like to know if there were "reserve" cabs back then or if he made just one. I can't verify any provenance and its probably way past peak but just curious if this wine has a fighting chance?
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Yes, '72 was a terrible year in Napa. The only decent wine that I've tasted from that year was Heitz MV. And it was quite nice. And quite the exception. There was a ton of rain during harvest but Joe picked early and made a good wine. Everyone else made light, thin wines.
1972 is my wife's birth year, so I've had quite a few, and been pleasantly surprised.
Stag's Leap, Burgess, and Diamond Creek were excellent. Maybe they got lucky with their first vintage.
The BV GdL, while not great, is pretty solid.
Hanzell managed to put out a really nice pinot.

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