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y Curt Schilling- Whatever you think of his xenophobic social media platform, during his playing years, he was a respected saner teammate, and posted HOF credentials. While at the short end of volume compared with prior generations, his numbers [ by multiple criteria] minimally surpass the average standard:   BEST CONSEC 3000 IP: 14-9 205/185/43/200/3.36/1.11. SABR- ERA+131;N ERA 3.04/WAR-5.3. TOP 35-45 ALL TIME. Print media writers have taken a hit the last 4 years and the association of Schilling with white supremacy and Trump may have a real effect this year. It shouldn't.

y Roger Clemens, y Barry Bonds- We've done this dance before. New accusations of Clemens infidelity with underage woman, and Bonds with domestic abuse seem to be slowing the early vote rise. PED's have left them out of the hall the last 8 voting years. Intertwined in an terrible dance, they will either get in next year or wait until Veterans Committee voting. IMO, they were HOF before the reported use. But maybe the payback to wait another 6+ years is just desserts for them. Crappy people. Upper most echelon players

y Omar Vizquel- The glove played, the bat didn't. He wasn't nearly as good as Ozzie Smith, in either category, despite similar mold. 12000 PA, and 24 years is a long time to play SS, and there are terrible SS in the Hall eg Lindstrom, Bancroft thanks to Frisch, but his bat was league average only in 2 years OPS +90,  and length is a poor excuse eg Baines shouldn't have been voted in either. Will stay on ballot, but not now, a borderline HOF for me. And the years of domestic abuse...that won't help his candidacy either

y Scott Rolen- This is tough. The bat was very good [hit like Aramis Ramirez], the glove outstanding[fielded like Mike Schmidt], the volume not so much. But its clear, playing 3b a long time is difficult...the least represented Hall position. Clearly better than Bando, ARam, Cey, and more volume than D.Wright, he's shy of studs like Beltre, Brett, Chipper.  Best comp is Santo. Over best 7500 PA

Santo-574/83/26/97/.282;5.5 WAR;

Rolen-480/82/21/85/.284/4.5 WAR;

Like Santo, I think he'll get in eventually. Not now

Billy Wagner-  The rate numbers as well as the eye test tell you this is a HOF. The volume is shy. There is antireliever bias, which is justifiable. He won't get in now, maybe not ever.

Todd Helton  I have a soft spot for guys playing the entire career with one team. His glove was excellent and so was the bat for 3/4 of his career.

Helton-534/101/27/99/.329/5.3 WAR

Coors bias will hold him back for now, but he was a HOF even at loaded 1b.

Won't get in now, but will move up into striking range.

Jeff Kent- The bat plays [most HR by 2b], the glove not so much, and he was petulant. But compared to all 2B, he is an average to slightly below HOF.

Kent- 526/85/25/97/.294/ 4 WAR.

Won't get in now, but move up and get more time to reflect.

Gary Sheffield, Manny Ramirez, Sammy Sosa

Sheffield and Manny have HOF numbers. PED 's after rules firmly in place will exclude Manny. Sosa had some great years, Sheffield more excellent years, but the shroud is strong, and if Bonds and Clemens wait, these guys most certainly will as well. Veterans Committee will review their resumes.

Andruw Jones- Man the crash hurt his case. 1/3 of his batting career was poor. 2/3 HOF. And that glove was special .

Jones- 529/86/137/30/89/.259/ WAR 4.5

Too many bad years; goes into same bin as predecessor Dale Murphy..the hall of the very good/just missed

Bobby Abreu- Same as Andruw

Abreu- 585/108/21/100/.299/ WAR 4.6

Andy Pettitte, Tim Hudson, Mark Buehrle- Basically the same stats

Pettitte 16-9/209/218/65/154/3.86/1.35/ ERA+117/N ERA 3.42/3.9 WAR

Buerhle- 14-11/219/231/49/126/3.81/1.28/ERA+117/N ERA 3.42/4.1 WAR

Hudson- 14-8/197/186/58/133/3.45/1.23/N ERA 3.29/ 3.7 WAR

Splitting hairs Hudson is claearly short. Pettitte is an all time Yank,and Buerhle ChiSox, but they are still borderline especially since both were hittable even despite steroid era work, with higher than average ERA's, lower WAR and IP than many HOF. This is going to be reevaluated going forward as SP pitch fewer innings; They will stay on the ballot, but in

So in sum,

Schilling should get in, but will just miss.  Bonds and Clemens theoretically should. reality...they are all punted into their last year of eligibilty, 2022.



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@jabe11 posted:

Juicing should be an automatic ban, and I'm all for keeping Bonds and all the other juicers out.  Curt is a chump but he was a force when he was on his game.

I have no doubt Bonds, Clemens, etc etc took steriods, even though they didn't test positive.  I also believe a significant portion of the league was as well.  Do we keep everyone from that era out?  The sad thing is they both were HOF's before they started juicing.

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