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This year, brings a whole new approach as steroid guys are cleansed from the writers ballot.

Here's a brief preview, we will add to later.

The newcomers- There is only one serious candidate- Carlos Beltran. Aside from his controversial participation as a coach in the Houston sign stealing scandal, both his longevity, his peak years, and his 5 tool consistency earn him a very good chance at first ballot election. Almost all the other candidates are not even Hall of Very Good Worthy,

The holdovers- Five ballot fillers are gone. That opens up room for those that vote for 10, and brings more consideration for borderline candidates. Of all these, Scott Rolen and Todd Helton have best chances. Many will move closer to 75%. Gary Sheffield will move up the most.  Conversely, Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez are stuck in Bonds' / Clemens old holding pattern, since they were suspended- caught and proved cheating

The Veterans Committee gets ... The Modern Era guys. OH NO!! That  could be the return of the 4 horsemen: Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, Schilling. They join previously PED tainted Rafael Palmeiro, and Mark McGwire.  OH, MY!!! Pass the cream, and the clear. They may not be included on the ballot, given their proximity to this years' vote, and even then if they are,  the judging may be more severe since competing peer players will have a say.

If not included, there are plenty of other choices, others from prior elections in this group who will get a second look. Kevin Brown deserves to get in; I'll discuss this in December. He's a top 30 pitcher all time. Kenny Lofton, David Cone, and Will Clark will deserve strong consideration.

Very Interesting.

Original Post

The Hall of Fame just restructured the Era Committees, effective immediately. The committees are:

  • Contemporary Baseball (Players): Players who made their greatest impact on the game since 1980.
  • Contemporary Baseball (Managers, Executives, and Umpires): Non-players who made their greatest impact on the game since 1980.
  • Classic Baseball: Players and non-players who made their greatest impact on the game before 1980 (including Negro League candidates)

The Contemporary Baseball Era will split into two separate committees -- one to consider only players, and another composite ballot to consider managers, executives and umpires in the same era. Voting for each will rotate to every third year. The three Era Committees will rotate on an annual basis. Each committee will still have 16 members, but each ballot will consist of eight candidates, down from the previous 10. Each committee member is allowed to vote for up to three players on the ballot, with at least 12 votes (75 percent) still required for Hall of Fame induction. This is an erudite but more restrictive change as it allows the clog of more contemporary candidates to separate into players and non players, but with only three votes limits individual induction to true consensus.

Effective beginning in January 2023, eligible players must have been retired for 16 or more seasons, equal to a one-year waiting period following their final potential year of eligibility on the BBWAA ballot. There was previously no wait required for a player to be considered after falling off the BBWAA ballot.  However, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling and Sammy Sosa, who fell off the ballot in January, will still be eligible in December 2022.

With respect to the players section:

Mathematically, only 4 players can be elected. Realistically, 3 are possible.

In a performance only world, that would be Bonds, Clemens, Schilling. However, failing induction this year, they have a 2 turn or 7 year wait to even be considered again!

In a untainted by steroid or social media world, that would be Whitaker, Brown, and Lofton or Evans.

Should be very interesting.

Name (Hall Rating)PosYearsJAWSHOM/S
Barry Bonds (363)LF1986–2007YESYES
Lou Whitaker (144)2B1977–1995YESYES
Kenny Lofton (133)CF1991–2007YESYES
Rafael Palmeiro (125)1B1986–2005YESYES
Dwight Evans (124)RF1972–1991YESYES
Mark McGwire (124)1B1986–2001YESYES
Sammy Sosa (117)RF1989–2007YESYES
Keith Hernandez (116)1B1974–1990YESYES
Buddy Bell (102)3B1972–1989YESNO
Will Clark (103)3B1986-2000YESNO
Greg Nettles3B1967-1988YESNO
Fred McGriff (103)1B1986-2004NOYES
Jim EdmondsCF1993-2010YESNO
Dave ParkerRF1973-1991NOYES
Willie Randolph (103)2B1975–1992YESYES

Roger Clemens (292)P1984–2007YESYES
Curt Schilling (172)P1988–2007YESYES
Kevin Brown (137)P1986–2003YESYES
Luis Tiant (133)P1964–1982YESYES
David Cone (128)P1986–2005YESYES
Tommy JohnP1963-1989NOYES
Bret Saberhagen (121)P1984–2001YESNO
Dave Stieb (114)P1979–1998YESNO

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