About 19 days before opening day.

Joe Kelly, reliever for the Dodgers, is out of action. Strained his back by "standing too long" cooking Cajun food. Probably the injury of the year.  Gumbo is a dangerous thing.

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Giving some love to the baseball thread here ...

- Ichiro retired after playing two games in Tokyo.  If you haven’t seen some of his career highlights, I highly recommend it.  It includes a laser throw from right field to throw out a fast base runner going from first to third, an inside-the-Park HR in an all-star game, and one-inning pitched in the last game of the season a couple of years ago.  First ballot HoF.

- Have the Yankees improved enough to beat the Astros?  

- How many games will Orioles win?

Hockey blows.

Opening day today.  Orioles visiting Yankees. Should be around 50 degrees, which is tolerable. 

I think the Orioles may win 62 games.  I have a bet with a friend on this...a steak dinner.  He thinks the Orioles will do much better than that.  He knows more about the current team than I do. 

Have the Yankees improved enough to beat the Astros? Or, put another way, have the Astros deproved (is that the opposite of improved?). Time will tell.  As Yogi Berra said, "It's hard to make predictions.......especially about the future.

And, yes, hockey blows.


Chris Davis.......
He’s the Orioles sometime 1st baseman, sometime DH.  The link is to his “achievement” in September 2018, the prior month he played.  You’ll see that he struck out on 9/21/18 four times in four at bats.  On 9/22/18 he struck out 3 times in 5 at bats.  So that is 7 strikeouts in 9 at bats.  All were at NY against the Yankees.
The Orioles opened the season today against the Yankees in NY.  Davis struck out in all three at bats.  So that makes 10 strikeouts in 12 at bats, all at NY.
He “earns” $23 million per year.   
Good grief.
John Means.....He’s a new Oriole pitcher. Turns 25 I think later in April.
In yesterday’s Oriole game at NY, when John Means gave up a home run in the 7th inning to Gary Sanchez, on Means’ 75th pitch, I felt that Manager Hyde would have been more than justified in pulling Means.  But, Means got the final out of the inning, and the inning ended peacefully.  Means wound up getting the win.
So, I guess, the ends do justify the Means?

Yankee outfielder, Giancarlo Stanton, placed on the 10 day disabled list with a strained bicep.

Probably hurt it lifting his wallet.  The Yankees have some really good players on the DL.

bomba503 posted:

Harper signing looking pretty darn good thus far

Yup!  It didn't take him long to remind his former team how good he can be.  Still, not to sorry he's gone.  Nats need to lock down Anthony Rendon this year.  Probably my favorite National.  Just a great guy, and wonderful baseball player.


Amazing amount of injuries the Yanks have suffered. Judge is the latest to go on the IL. You can't recognize their batting line-up as all but 2 are minor leaguers.

Yelich has 12 of his 13 HRs against the Cardinals (8) and Dodgers (4).  With only 3 weeks into the season and 5 full months left, he’s on pace for 61+ HRs.

oriole pitchers have now given up 57 HRs.  No team had ever given up more than 50 through the month of April. More days in April to pad the record ahead.  Not the kind of record you want to get.  This is in 23 games. (57 HRs in 23 games? Yikes) . 

Meanwhile, they played a double header on Saturday. The two teams combined in the doubleheader for 17 Home Runs, a major league record.

Orioles team ERA is well over 6.  Last in the majors.  They've used two position players so far as pitchers, including Chris Davis, who can't pitch like a pitcher, but he hits like one.

Not good.



The Yanks Triple-A farm team can actually take over first place by beating the Rays today.

Where are Judge, Stanton, Gregorius, Hicks, Severino, Betances, Paxton.....

Oriole pitchers have allowed 81 home runs so far this year in 38 games.  They are on pace to allow 345 home runs for the season. The record of 258 home runs allowed is currently held by the 2016 Reds.

Good grief.


Orioles have now given up 159 home runs in 67 games. That is exactly half of the season record, in only 41% of the year.  They should have no trouble setting this unpleasant record.

I feel for you Irwin.  Seems like you love baseball, but your team is in the crapper.  Us San Diego fans no nothing about it. 

My favorite team, the A's, were handed a big blow when their best starter got suspended for 80 games and is ineligible for the playoffs.  Their ace closer is also hurt, and our number one set up guy from last year is pitching horribly.  Yet the A's keep battling and are still over .500.  I love their effort.  

I am not going to post anymore about the Orioles on this thread.  The name of the thread is Major League Baseball and that moniker does not apply to the Orioles   

Curious to read the opinions of baseball fans on this forum about protective screens in the news recently. Personally, I’m for extending them.

I'm anti-netting.  If you don't want your kid to get hurt by a baseball, sit somewhere else or pay attention.  

I’m for the netting. I agree with Dom regarding bringing your kids to a game. If they aren’t able to protect themselves from a liner, maybe you get seats further away from the field. But I went to a Pads game last week, sat just past the infield, 10 rows up, and a liner buzzed our tower. It had serious velocity. Even if paying attention, those shots can hurt someone. I see no negative in the netting. The best seats have always had netting in front of them. 

I've always enjoyed watching the All-Star game.  It was interesting to watch last night that many of the perennial all-stars are not there - Ichiro, Jeter, Rivera, Ortiz, Pizza (all with 10 or more appearances).  I think Arenado, who is an excellent player, may have been the most senior of this year's class with 5.  

billhike posted:
purplehaze posted:

<bump>  It is still baseball season, ne'st ce pas?  


*yawn* 5 weeks until hockey. 

Hockey?  Sounds like something you do when you need to clear your throat.  Just kidding, of course.  Go Caps!  Go Nats!  F the Redskins.  Carry on...


thistlintom posted:

No hitter by Verlander, one walk shy of a perfect game.

Excellent performance by Verlander.  Some good D to help him out as well.  Congrats!


Padres fire Andy Green. They want Bruce Bochy. I wonder if he will be willing to coach SD again. Great farm system but unfortunately they are still the Padres.

Flying to Oakland tomorrow to watch the A’s and Rays do battle on Wed. Crazy that the two teams have the 26th and 30th highest payrolls out of 30. Winner gets the unreasonably good Astros, who have the possible MVP, the top two candidates for Cy Young, and the rookie of the year. Screw ‘em. Let’s go Oakland!

Kershaw continuing to break my heart in the playoffs.  I love the guy but damn that hurt last night!  

glennk posted:

Kershaw continuing to break my heart in the playoffs.  I love the guy but damn that hurt last night!  

Managers fault more than his

Should be in the 40's tonight at game time in St. Louis, after some drizzle.  Ideal weather for baseball.  World series scheduled to start on Oct. 22.  I sort of hope the Yankees beat Houston, just to watch the Yankee fans shiver during the home world series games.

glennk posted:

Kershaw continuing to break my heart in the playoffs.  I love the guy but damn that hurt last night!  

Sorry for your loss.  One man's broken heart is another's moment of ecstasy.    Watching him on the bench after his short shift was painful.  He was just miserable.

GO NATS!!!  At this point, they're playing with house money.  It's been one hell of a ride this season.


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