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Giving some love to the baseball thread here ...

- Ichiro retired after playing two games in Tokyo.  If you haven’t seen some of his career highlights, I highly recommend it.  It includes a laser throw from right field to throw out a fast base runner going from first to third, an inside-the-Park HR in an all-star game, and one-inning pitched in the last game of the season a couple of years ago.  First ballot HoF.

- Have the Yankees improved enough to beat the Astros?  

- How many games will Orioles win?

Hockey blows.

Opening day today.  Orioles visiting Yankees. Should be around 50 degrees, which is tolerable. 

I think the Orioles may win 62 games.  I have a bet with a friend on this...a steak dinner.  He thinks the Orioles will do much better than that.  He knows more about the current team than I do. 

Have the Yankees improved enough to beat the Astros? Or, put another way, have the Astros deproved (is that the opposite of improved?). Time will tell.  As Yogi Berra said, "It's hard to make predictions.......especially about the future.

And, yes, hockey blows.


Chris Davis.......
He’s the Orioles sometime 1st baseman, sometime DH.  The link is to his “achievement” in September 2018, the prior month he played.  You’ll see that he struck out on 9/21/18 four times in four at bats.  On 9/22/18 he struck out 3 times in 5 at bats.  So that is 7 strikeouts in 9 at bats.  All were at NY against the Yankees.
The Orioles opened the season today against the Yankees in NY.  Davis struck out in all three at bats.  So that makes 10 strikeouts in 12 at bats, all at NY.
He “earns” $23 million per year.   
Good grief.
John Means.....He’s a new Oriole pitcher. Turns 25 I think later in April.
In yesterday’s Oriole game at NY, when John Means gave up a home run in the 7th inning to Gary Sanchez, on Means’ 75th pitch, I felt that Manager Hyde would have been more than justified in pulling Means.  But, Means got the final out of the inning, and the inning ended peacefully.  Means wound up getting the win.
So, I guess, the ends do justify the Means?

oriole pitchers have now given up 57 HRs.  No team had ever given up more than 50 through the month of April. More days in April to pad the record ahead.  Not the kind of record you want to get.  This is in 23 games. (57 HRs in 23 games? Yikes) . 

Meanwhile, they played a double header on Saturday. The two teams combined in the doubleheader for 17 Home Runs, a major league record.

Orioles team ERA is well over 6.  Last in the majors.  They've used two position players so far as pitchers, including Chris Davis, who can't pitch like a pitcher, but he hits like one.

Not good.



I feel for you Irwin.  Seems like you love baseball, but your team is in the crapper.  Us San Diego fans no nothing about it. 

My favorite team, the A's, were handed a big blow when their best starter got suspended for 80 games and is ineligible for the playoffs.  Their ace closer is also hurt, and our number one set up guy from last year is pitching horribly.  Yet the A's keep battling and are still over .500.  I love their effort.  

I’m for the netting. I agree with Dom regarding bringing your kids to a game. If they aren’t able to protect themselves from a liner, maybe you get seats further away from the field. But I went to a Pads game last week, sat just past the infield, 10 rows up, and a liner buzzed our tower. It had serious velocity. Even if paying attention, those shots can hurt someone. I see no negative in the netting. The best seats have always had netting in front of them. 

I've always enjoyed watching the All-Star game.  It was interesting to watch last night that many of the perennial all-stars are not there - Ichiro, Jeter, Rivera, Ortiz, Pizza (all with 10 or more appearances).  I think Arenado, who is an excellent player, may have been the most senior of this year's class with 5.  

glennk posted:

Kershaw continuing to break my heart in the playoffs.  I love the guy but damn that hurt last night!  

Sorry for your loss.  One man's broken heart is another's moment of ecstasy.    Watching him on the bench after his short shift was painful.  He was just miserable.

GO NATS!!!  At this point, they're playing with house money.  It's been one hell of a ride this season.


Game 1 of the NLCS, Anibal Sanchez takes a no-hitter into the 8th inning.  Game 2, Max Scherzer takes a no-hitter into the 7th.  No two pitchers on the same team have taken no-hitters past the 6th inning in history in consecutive games in the postseason.

The only thing close is when two pitchers took no-hitters into the 5th inning in consecutive games in the ALCS six years ago for the Tigers.  Guess who those two pitchers were?  Yup... Sanchez and Scherzer.  Damn.  On Monday night, the Nat's have some bum named Stephen Strasburg taking the mound.  GO NATS!


irwin posted:

Should be in the 40's tonight at game time in St. Louis, after some drizzle.  Ideal weather for baseball.  World series scheduled to start on Oct. 22.  I sort of hope the Yankees beat Houston, just to watch the Yankee fans shiver during the home world series games.

Pray for snow!!   Yankees deserve it

The Washington Nationals become the first MLB team from Washington to make it to the world series since 1933.  In the Washington suburbs there is a high school named "Walter Johnson High School" named, obviously, for the great pitcher of that era. (Actually, his last year was 1927).  Walter Johnson, the pitcher, threw 5900 innings and gave up fewer than 100 home runs in his career, against 3500+ strikeouts.

Anyway, if the Nationals can rest up while the AL teams battle it out, their pitching should be in good shape for the series.  Maybe they will name a high school after Strasburg or Scherzer.

Good for Nats.  I watched zero baseball this season but have been catching some of the playoff action. Having not really followed baseball, it is really interesting to see how the strike zone has changed.  A lot of these high pitches would never ever have been called strikes in the 90s early 2000s.  

Gerrit Cole is a nasty pitcher - didn't even have his best stuff last night.  Not sure if anyone saw the sequence, where he got a questionable low and away fastball called a strike, the next pitch slider looked that same pitch was the the exact spot, and the hitter had to swing based on the previous call and the thing dove like 8 inches - it looked like I was swinging or something.  Awesome

patespo1 posted:

Haven't watched an inning of playoff baseball this year, just popping in to wish PH and his Nationals good luck in the WS.  Oh, and F@ck the Yankees! (Love you DD).  

Thanks, Pat!  It's been a real rollercoaster of a season.  After they put up 7 in the 1st inning, I thought I might get to relax and enjoy the rest of the game stress free.  Should have known that wasn't happening.  Hope they can stay loose and be ready next Tuesday.  GO NATS!!


So the world series will be between 2 cities named for Generals.  Besides being generals, both were heads of state. Washington was President of the US.  Houston was President of the Republic of Texas.

Washington was sworn into office for his second term on March 4, 1793.  Sam Houston was born on March 2, 1793. 

Washington was known, among other things, for throwing a dollar coin across the Rappahannock river.  As a kid, I went to that place with my family and there is a plaque there which commemorates that event.  The river is quite wide, and it seemed to me that there was no way a human could throw anything across the river at that location.  I asked my brother what he thought.  He said, "Well, it's like Dad says..... A dollar doesn't go as far these days as it used to go."


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irwin posted:

Saturday night’s game could be rained out.  This could disrupt the schedule of the potus 

I predict he doesn’t show up anyway



Rain not forecast until after midnight tonight.  I think we're good to go.  Again, the idiot-in-chief has indicated he'd attend Game 5.  That would be tomorrow night.  Forecast for Sunday night is 67F at game time, with an almost zero chance of rain.  I really do not want the dotard anywhere near the ballpark tomorrow.  Nothing good can come from it.

GO NATS!!  C'mon Corbin!!



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For the 4th time these playoffs, it's again "win or go home" time for the Nationals.  Can't think of a pitcher I'd rather have on the mound tonight other than Strasburg.  Hope he can keep the adrenaline under control early on.

No matter what happens tonight, I'm very proud of our guys.  They are not just a team, they're a band of brothers.  Fun stuff.  Hope to be watching tomorrow.



purplehaze posted:
csm posted:

I can't believe they didn't let Strasburg finish that one last night.  Taking him out was criminal. 

Apparently he signaled that he was done.  It was his call.  He was gassed.  Epic performance.


Makes sense then. I was wondering what they were doing. I thought leave him in until there is a baserunner.  I thought he'd hit the 100 pitch mark so modern analytics dictate he come out.  

99 pitches fine.  101 game over 

Remarkable series. No wins by the home team in 7 games.  Nats come from behind like they did all year. Hard to believe they started the year at 19-31.  No question as to who the "manager of the year" should be (at least not in my mind).

I remember going to the final Washington Senators game in 1971. Sitting in the upper deck in left field with a high school buddy.  The Nationals are a different franchise of course, and Washington is a different city than it was in 1971. 

Orioles spring training starts in 101 days.

Congrats indeed to Nats and their fans.  It’s a great feeling.

On a side note, Mattress Mack in Houston lost about $13M in bets he made with various sports books across the country.  The move was to hedge a sales promotion where he would refund customers who bought his mattresses if the Astros won the World Series.  That is a lot of mattresses.  

More on the Nationals.... They came from behind in 5 games in which they faced elimination.  They were the first team to win 4 world series games on the road. Steve Strasburg was the first pitcher to go 5-0 in the post season, winning 18 in the regular season. Juan Soto hit one world series home run before his 21st birthday and 2 HRs after his birthday, which was between games 2 and 3.


Thanks for the kind words, all.  Crazy stuff indeed.  Strasburg is MVP, and deservingly so.  Here's a crazy stat for you.  Anthony Rendon, who I've been a big fan of since they called him up in 2013, had 8 at bats in "elimination" games in the 7th inning or later.  In those at bats he got: walk, homer, double, homer, homer, double and homer.  The guy has got ice water in his veins.  A free agent now, he's going to get paid, and paid well.  I hope the Nats can keep him around.  Strasburg also has an opt-out this year.  Need to keep him too.  The Lerners (very good owners, especially by Washington standards) can certainly afford it.

This World Series thing, when you have a team in the hunt, is really stressful.  Talking with friends yesterday, I likened it to cocaine or speed.  Incredible highs followed by terrible crashes.  If you're going to remain healthy, you KNOW that you can't do it for long or you're gonna die!!  One way or the other, I was ready for the season to end last night.  Glad it ended the way it did.

Not on to hockey!  GO CAPS!!!


billhike posted:

Not on? 

Could have been Freudian!   I love hockey, but baseball is my first love.  I have hard time understanding how people don't like it, but again... it's a slower game with an emphasis on strategy and finesse, coupled with power and speed.  I find that the most serious baseball fans have played competitive ball in their pasts.


Congrats to maybe the most passionate baseball fans that I know. I have never seen a team comeback in seemingly every situation like that. I knew when I saw the celebration (beer flying in the air and such) of the Nats beating Milwaukee that they were going to be a tough out. My first impression of hearing they had little chance in the WS was to bet them heavily. It's baseball, anything can happen.

As for Hinch pulling Grienke, or not going to Cole, I still think the Nats win. They were just on that type of roll.

And one last thing, I am not over the Braves blowing their series against the Cards.   

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