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My wife and I have belonged to a wine tasting group for more than 20 years. It's 6 couples meeting monthly in each other's homes. We have mostly tasted wines from California (where we live), Oregon, Washington, and other countries.

I thought it would be interesting to try some wines from some other US Missouri. Does anyone have any suggestions on wines from Missouri (or even real standouts from other states)?

Thanks for any suggestions you have.

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Originally posted by seanr7:
Originally posted by NYStateofWine:
Check out New York wineries...

There's a ton of good wine in upstate NY in the Finger Lakes area.

Look folks, someone just called Board-O out to play!! Big Grin

Whats that supposed to mean? It's not spam. I lived in upstate NY for 3 years and now am in Cincinnati. However, their wine is decent, and different than Cali and Oregon wines - and definately better than any Missouri wines to be found...
Missouri ain't bad folks - if you stick to the Norton grape. And if you actually like the Norton grape. It makes wines with fairly heady aromas and dark color, but it stays fresh on the palate with a distinctive tangy, iron note. It definitely ain't for everyone though.

I've had good ones (usually in the 83-85 points range) from Augusta, Mount Pleasant, St. James, Stone Hill and Hermanhoff.

Unfortunately you can't search by states on our wine search page, but if you click here you'll get some results.

As for Missouri wines from other grapes, I would tread with caution.
Missouri wine is not all bad. Port from Stone Hill is very interesting and pretty darn good. The Norton grape is very ageworthy with most holding up very well after ten or so years.

But the big news is coming soon. My dentist, kid you not, is growing..... get this.... Viognier, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah. I was shocked out of my gourd when I tried barrel samples. The cabernet franc was the most interesting and performed best out of French Oak rather than American Oak. The vines are all about five years old, and it's now apparent that noble varieties can work here. It will be interesting.
I replaced the MO search in James Molesworth's link to Florida and was surprise to see he rated a Florida wine an 80 - Merlot America Château Soleil 2000 from Florida Estates...I believe just north of the Tampa Bay area. I do recall 2000 being a rather mild year. Down in Miami (where I was then) it didn't hit 90 until May and a somewhat mild summer followed, as well as much drier. Could have led to more concentrated flavors that you'd expect from this state (since we get so much rain) Looks like you can expect better wine from MO than from FL though. Eek
I am a native Missourian and have to agree that, for the money, you won't find a ton of interesting wines.

However, there are a few I'd recommend. Les Bourgeois is a small winery in Rocheport (just off I-70 10 miles west of Columbia). I have no idea if they ship. Their website is . Their dry whites are fairly decent. Their Norton is OK. If you are traveling through Missouri, they have a beautiful restaurant overlooking the Missouri River. As an aside, there's a great little restaurant in Rocheport called Abigail's-- the menu is on a chalkboard and changes daily.

Stonehill is probably the most famous. Their sparkling wine is decent (again, not a good QPR but worth a try).

The Hermannoff makes some decent wines as well. They are one of about five wineries in Hermann.

BTW, the tour at Stonehill is worth a visit. It's a great example of a winery that was nearly destroyed by prohibition-- interesting history and a decent German restaurant.

There is a new small Vineyard "Christine's Vineyard" that popped up in Webb City Mo, close to told route 66. They are quite exceptional with Norton wines, and the owner was telling me about future plans Fruit and Grape Blends that sound amazing.  I could hear the passion in his voice and I attribute that to the quality this newbie vineyard brings forth from the grapes.  Passion is always the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. I do not have their number but they should be listed, I bought a case of their Jack high Norton 2018 and Aces High 2017. I will be returning next year and they are a planned stop. There is also a very good Vineyard in Mt Veron Mo. Its been a while and I cannot remember the name, but should not be hard to find. 

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