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I just heard that Michelin are planning on releasing a guide to America next year.
Initially it will only cover New York Frown

Anyone care to predict what NY restaurants will get starred?
What about the rest of the country - how do you think it would fare?

(Note to self: Get to The French Laundry before Michelin does and the prices go European)
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I think it will be a hit or miss thing. Most of the top restaurants (and their chefs) are already pretty well-known without the guide, so I don't see it making much of a splash unless there's something "scandalous" - like a serious downgrading of a particular place.

That said, I think the likely contenders include(at all star levels) Per Se, Daniel, Alain Ducasse, Le Bernadin, Jean Georges, Gramercy Tavern, Nobu, Babbo, Union Square Cafe, Chanterelle, One if By Land, Felidia, Bouley, Aureole, Four Seasons, Craft.... Those were off the top of my head - lemme think a bit longer for others Wink
They say there are 5 NYC restaurants in contention for *** and one will deffinitely get it.

My guess is that 4 of the 5 are: Per Se, Daniel, Bouley, and Jean Georges. The 5th is Alain Ducase, Le Bernardin, or that new $250+/head sushi place none of which (for different reasons) will ultimately get ***. I assume it is Daniel that they already decided will be ***.

FWIW, for really good food in Europe I do prefer Michelin to just about everything else -- In the US (and London) I find the Zagat good, but highly erratic in ways that you would need to already know the dining scene in order to predict. However, in Europe, as with virtually everywhere else, I rely most heavily upon Gayot's guides which, to me, are the most accurate.


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