How are we doing on space? Is there room for 2-4 more? Let me know. I have a couple of wine geek friends that may be interested. Let me know. Thanks.

Cheers to GrapeFriends!
thats fine just have them bring cash an a nice bottle of wine the more the merryer we need just to come up with some kind of pouring .
I talked to Steve today and all is well. We are set to arrive May 22, 2004, between 6:30 and 7:00 PM. He will be setup for 13 people. There will be a table with extra glasses (mainly red) and two or three decanters. Steve will be with us (off and on as business permits). Everyone to order off the menu. He prefers that the wine come into the restaurant in a bag and unopened. No corkage fees...Thank you Steve.

Steve and Rocky's is located just east of the intersection of Novi Road and Grand River on the north side of Grand River. The restaurant is well marked and not difficult to find. It is next to a Bank One branch and shares the same driveway.

If you are coming from east of Novi you will most likely travel I-696. Go west to I-96. Follow I-96 west toward Lansing and exit at Novi Road. South (left turn) on Novi Road to Grand River (about a half mile). Turn east (left turn) on Grand River about 1/4 mile to Steve and Rocky's.

If you are coming from south of Novi, you will most like travel north on I-275. Follow I-275 to west I-96. This can be a little confusing so be sure to take the I-96 west (Lansing) turn. Follow I-96 west towards Lansing and exit at Novi Road. South (left turn) on Novi Road to Grand River (about a half mile). Turn east (left turn) on Grand River about 1/4 mile to Steve and Rocky's.

If you are coming from the west of Novi, you will most likey travel east on I-96. Exit at Novi Road. South on Novi Road (right turn) to Grand River (about a half mile). Turn east (left turn)on Grand River about 1/4 mile to Steve and Rocky's.

Hope I got all this right! If anyone needs additonal info or instructins, let me know.

I'm still not sure what to bring. Maybe a bottle or two of 01 Pride cab for everyone to try (sorry, not the reserve but still a great wine). I'll bring something else red too.

See you Saturday night!
Two for me. Looking forward to it. I'll be in Frankenmuth Friday night for the World Expo of Beer and then on Saturday we are involved in our sub's garage sale.

Cheers to GrapeFriends!
I am probably arriving as one. If I can get a friend to go at the last minute i will still do it. see you all about 6:30 or so.

Sorry for not replying sooner. It looks like I'm going to miss this one. Sounds like a nice lineup, though, so I'm thinking you'll be just fine Big Grin
she_ laugh,
thanks hope to meet you at the next one or just some where!
if your friends would like to come their should be plenty of room,if not well make it!
Big Grin

I am so steamed at the moment I could just bust! Mad Mad Mad Mad Work has been very intense for the last few weeks as we are implementing some new initiatives that have been all consuming. I have not had any time to visit these boards and was really really looking forward to our 1st Annual Michigan Off-Line. I just found out that I will be sent out of town for work tomorrow night and will be gone for about 4-5 days!!!

Oh the cruelty and injustice of it all Mad Think of me and raise a glass in toast for a missing comrade...I will be with you all in spirit and hope that you all have so darn much fun that you can't wait to have another one so I can attend and get to meet you all! Wink

ks with a red face, steamed and jealous
I did get a buddy to drive down with me and I will provide a second bottle of wine, perhaps a Montrachet or other fine white, since I assume most everyone else is bringing red.

I can have another fine red on standby if everyone preferes.


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