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Ok with all??

Sounds like things are shaping up. If there is a vote, I vote for 7 o'clock for a kick off.

Say, while we are killing time to the big event, how's about all of us Michiganders sharing shopping info. "Favorite places to wine shop", "best wine prices", "won't go there if they paid me" etc...Also which on line internet sellsers are willing to ship to Michigan.

I'll go first.

Usually shop at world market (ann arbor & novi), village corner (ann arbor), taorellos (brighton), merchant's fine wines (dearborn), bella vino (plymouth), any of the hiller's stores, costco (northville and the one near pontiac) and numerous other small shops.

I find the best pricing at world market, bella vino, costco and merchant's fine wines.

The wine barrel in livonia, wouldn't go there on a bet. I was looking around for a 1954 "something" like a port, maderia or bdx. They had a 1954 port...get this...price...are you ready...$500.00. I passed.

I have not bought much from on-line stores, however have found that both Neal and Pride will ship to Michigan through Stagecoach.

Originally posted by bez780:
haaaaaa! you found stagecoach. just to let you know they will pick up at most winery's. talk to larry or sue and if your in the buss.tell the winery and should get discount.will pay for shipping.about tarellos s-=^@ big time ,
and donna i won't go their.the reopen hole foods on plymouth

Thanks about Stagecoach picking up from most wineries and also never thought to inquire about trade disc.

Taorellos, hear ya. I used to think their prices to be high, however recently their markups seem to be a tiny bit more reasonable. Maybe because there is a Costco being built about 2 miles away?? Re: Donna, again I hear ya. I almost never used to buy wine there mostly due to the fact that I thought Donna to be rude and snobbish. I don't know when this change came about (maybe others complained) but she is actually friendly nowdays and that makes me more inclined to purchase wine there. I did go to one of their tastings a couple of months ago and she has been more friendly since then and actually calls me by name when I shop the store.

well don't tell her that you are going to meet me the prices will go up. we do not even shop their any more i spend over 10000 ayear.there prices are still to high. an they would not give me a dis count the hell with them .send me an email an will try to get you set up with some people in napa. they just had a tasting at oak point cc. which my wife an i are members. but i think the tasting we did night went well 8 whole salers at least 40 wines . an can buy right from the club at better prices then stores they have lis. to sale out right. plus we have a wine locker there.
as you can see i do not like talking about tarellos sore note.
You guys made me feel guilty so I went to Steve and Rocky's last night. (Steve and I sampled too many wines.)

We are all set for May 22, 2004. They will be ready for us at 6:30 PM but arrival to 7:00 PM is just fine. We will be together as a group but it will not be in a seperate a corner of the main dining room so we can interact with each other. I promised Steve everyone will eat...order off the menu. Saturday nights are very busy at Steve and Rocky's so he is making a very large concession for us. Worse, he has a party of 500 to cook for off-site so he can not attend. He would prefer we meet a different night but I committed us to another wine off-line when he is there.

As we get a little closer to the time, I'll post directions. Anyone want additional info, contact me at:

Now to figure out what to bring.
thanks for the invite. I can't wait to share some of my favorites.

Who is going to coordinate the selection of wine?

I need to know about a week before since all my good stuff is up North (Boyne City) where we spend most of our time. I will have to bring something back to Saginaw the week before the event. any ideas on a theme yet?

Good question on decanters, if need be I have an extra one that is not real expensive that I would not mind transporting.

Head count so far:

Bez 2

K. Syrah 1

WineO 2

Slapshot 2

She laughs ?

69Lafite 2

Zinfanman 2

Total 11 + ???

Pretty much decided on bringing a sparkling wine to open things up. J. Schram 95. Got a book for Christmas about Schramburg and got interested in their stuff and bought a couple of bottles. Had one, loved it and have been saving the other for an event. This sounds like a good time to pop it.

at another off line I attended some people decanted or opened their bottles way ahead of time and then put the cork back in and brought the wine. If anyone has any wine that has aged, then you really should decant to eliminate the sediment. if a realatively young cab or other wine does not exhibit much sediment then no problem. I will be happy to bring a decanter.

Now, what to bring?? I have a very diverse collection and am open to suggestions. (I like almost everything I have so I really don't have a favorite) Maybe I can provide something that others may not have had a chance to try, like an aged bordeaux or brunello, Caymus from the '80's or early 90's, or a fresh bottle of Philip Togni or Viader cab, 2001?

I just picked up a few bottles of Marquis Philips Integrity 2002. rated 98
I have never had it but what a good time to try it. If you have no objections I'll bring it.

If I bring a friend, we can follow that with another fine shiraz or bring a great white. other than champagne, is anyone else thinking of a white. always nice during salad course. It will be fun to see the wine list grow. Big Grin


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