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Board-O, I think it's becoming a bit like Lutefisk. As in it's a traditional dish they eat in the US only, because everyone in the home country has better sense than to eat the crap Smile

It's actually fairly regional. It's not something my family ever had or knew about. My Step mom's family is more traditional Mexican, as in they came to the U.S. in the 1930's (vs the 1640's) and they have it all the time on Sunday. My Dad goes golfing to avoid it.

I never see it ordered by 1st generation immigrant Mexicans in any of the local restraunts we go to, it's pretty much a 2nd and 3rd generation thing. Might explain not seeing it in Mexico, or New York City, which I think has a pretty recent Mexican population vs the multi generation we have in California, or Joe sees in Texas.

Birria is a much more popular soup dish around here with new immigrants, although I've seen a few restraunts take it off their menu's because of a severe goat meat shortage we have in these parts.
well said tlily... though to your point, at the local Mexican place in town you can't avoid it on the weekend, esp. at Breakfast/Brunch, it's all over the place... maybe it's just really good there? Razz

though, i also think alot of the reason why 1st gen's don't order it in restaurants is the whole, "i can make it at home better" syndrome... my Grandma, who was a 1st gen immigrant from Japan was the same way about most Japanese food
Originally posted by 99¢ Boones Strawberry Hill:
I've always avoided it because I don't like the smell. Well I tried a piece of tripe from a pot of menudo today and I thought it tasted worse than the smell. I was gagging and chewing and gagging some more. Needless to say, I won't be eating menudo ever again. Anyone like the stuff?

I had it in Mexico and will gladly have it again.
Menudo, BTW, an old Russian/ Polish remedy for hangover.

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