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markjahnke - It'd be great to meet you guys! If it's Parkville, you're just a bit northeast of Baltimore. You'd be reasonably close.

We should bang out a date first. So far, possible weekend nights that work for Gf and Lentini:

Saturday 12-08-07
Sunday 12-16-07
Sunday 12-23-07

The Sundays are best for me, but I'm pretty flexible as long as I don't have to be anywhere much before 7:30. I also like the idea of Champagne and snick snacks.

Anyone else?

If Sunday the 23rd works for most, I'd be willing to host. Perhaps a set up where everyone brings a bottle and a small plate of goodies to compliment their selection would work? I will not be in a positon to do much cooking with my current work schedule, but can guarantee that the venue will be 100% BYO friendly, good music will be on the iDock and there will be no snooty waiters!!! Razz Can't guarantee any middle eastern hotties unless you also byo. Wink

Originally posted by Festiva:
Hopefully this OL will be at a place that's a little more quiet and much more wine-friendly. I pass the baton to another one of you gents to select our next venue!

I hope you're not criticizing yourself about last week's venue. I thought it was great. And YOU, Festiva, Rock! Wish we coulda' got more time to chat... next time Wink

The talent at Cafe Milano this night would rival anything between our coasts. Everyone in this place was pretty. Holy cow....

And ditto the support on last week's venue. It was most fine. Not exactly the best place for quiet conversation, but a great venue with tasty food and incredible visuals. You did just fine, Festiva!! Cool

We're up for it.
We need to decide on Appy's and Champs.
Any wine spectator editors and columnists who wish to appear may do so.
For my address and directions, send me a private email to baltlaw

So far, looks like:

PH (1) working on Newmel.....
klymkev (1?)
Gentleman farmer (2)
Lentini (1?)
Jace (2?)
Festiva (2)


just a skosh
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