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Originally posted by jorgerunfast:
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Beef Tenderloin on the que w/ corn on the cob.

Drinking leftovers (2007 Brancaia Tre).

C'moooonnnn! Tenderloin on the grill and you're drinking leftovers??

Regardless, sounds like a real nice meal on a monday.

Sometimes leftovers are better. Wink
Originally posted by KSC02:
Originally posted by wine+art:
Tonight, sauteed portobello mushrooms on toast tips for an appetizer with a TBD Champagne.

For dinner, we will have Copper River salmon with grilled veggies. Not sure about the wine yet.

So? Fess up with the choices, man Smile

I thought I did post, sorry. Confused

1990 Pol Roger Brut
1996 Bonneau du Martray Corton Charlemagne
1998 Leonetti Merlot
Just had to post a dinner my wife made for soem friends over the weekend- was just phenomenal. And this was for 4 of us.

Grilled artichokes
Golden beet (from farmers market that morning), avocado, grapefruit salad
Wild mushroom risotto
Grilled shrimp in a citrus/cilantro marinade
Halibut fillets with a spicy dry rub (don't normally dry rub fish but was great)

Ridiculous amount of food- everythign was great.

Drank with an 09 Shaya old vine verdhelo- perfect match

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