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2021 Chateau Simone Rosé

Very tasty and far more “serious” than most rosés. Truly like a cross between a red and a white wine, and improved with an hour in the decanter and coming to ~59 degrees F. No notes but a lot of small bright red berry flavors. Not lush or exuberant but long and tailored. Paired reasonably well with a bacon and herb wrapped pork tenderloin and risotto Milanese.

Probably the “best” still rosé (I have grown a bit tired of the LdH) — certainly a step above Tempier’s version. But, while technically better than Pradeaux, I think Pradeaux is still more in line with *why* I choose to drink still rosé.

2018 Tyler Claret Happy Canyon Vineyard

I don’t know what the blend on this is but it absolutely tastes much more like a Merlot than a Cabernet. Nice pairing with strip steaks but not the giant killer I had hoped for — Tyler’s similarly priced Pinot Noirs are a step above this, imo. Still, a nice CA Bordeaux blend that provides restraint, elegance and a long finish. I imagine it will be better in 3 or 4 years and last another 10+ after that.

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At the fish place Friday, 2016 Domaine Weinbach Gewürztraminer Grand Cru Furstentum, medium gold, big floral nose, pear, lychee, honey on the palate, rich texture, viscous, very long finish. Unctuous. Fabulous.


last night, H. Billiot Fils Champagne Réserve Grand Cru Ambonnay, a pretty good wine, about perfect mousse, good acidity. Very nice, though with that impressive name I think we expected more.



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Having friends over for dinner tonight, plus a late birthday celebration. With shrimp frittata, 2012 J-L Chave L’Hermitage Blanc, and with rhubarb cake and a selection of cheeses (guest is bringing cheese, so not sure which but they’ll be good) 2005 Kracher Nouvelle Vague Chardonnay Trockenbeerenauslese Nummer 10, one of the greatest dessert wines I’ve ever been lucky enough to have.


With main course of crispy skin chicken (air fryer) and casarecce tossed with black summer truffle, sautéed mushrooms, truffle oil, 1985 Gaja Barbaresco Costa Russi which might be magnificent, but if it’s not, then backup is 2008 Pira e Figli Chiara Boschis Barolo Via Nuova, which is a sure thing.



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@winetarelli posted:

A ridiculous DRAB. But I bought several, and I need to know quickly if I want even more…

2020 B. Levet Cote-Rotie La Chavaroche

I’ll report back.

Reporting back.  Initially classic La Chavaroche violet-hue fruits with lavender, tarragon, and briney olive, but a little darker fruited than normal.  Also, a chocolatey dimension I don't normally see with this bottling.  Lots of chalky tannins.  After an hour in the decanter the olive/brine component really started to become dominant.  After 3 1/2 hours in the decanter the wine began to shut down.  Not hard, but the nose really faded and it became mostly matte purple fruits and, again surprisingly, chocolate.  At this point the brine was tasted primarily as... capers.  Very interesting, very excellent.  I would cellar this for 6-7ish years before revisiting.  But it is, as is to be expected, excellent.  Still, I think I have a slight preference for the more classic '16, '17, and '19.

2008 Numanthia-Termes, Termes, showing very young, still opaque, but opened up nicely with a bit of air.  Dense and modern.  Looking forward to the other half of the bottle tonight.   Very happy to have 2 more of these.

2018 Albert Boxler gerwurz....been cooking a lot of Indian and middle eastern food lately...excellent with a masoor dal, but overwhelmed the chicken sofrito (from the Jerusalem cookbook) the next night.  Highly recommend the cookbook.

2011 Guiraud, subpar, and a bit more aged than the year would indicate.  Still enjoyed it, just underwhelmed.

2014 Alluvion, red field blend.  from Sonoma, i think...?  Friend has a friend who works at the winery.  Nothing special but it was fun to drink it with him.

2018 Zind-Humbrecht, this stuff

2015 Masi, Brolo Campofiorin, what a QPR, i think I paid $15++ at auction for this.

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