Since no one started it off, I figured I would do it again.
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OK, here's the deal. I'm drinking a 2001 Taft Street Central Coast 2001 tonight that I picked up for $7.50. We're haveing a CA Cab Sav blind tasting party next week and I decided to throw it in as the "cheapy". Only a couple of fellow snobs are coming so I'm interested to see how most guests rank it. BUT . . . two nights ago was heaven. Get this; in one night I had: 83 Mouton; 83 Magaux; 86 Hess Reserve; 97 Poggio alle Mure; Duckhorn 99 Merlot; Hartwell 99 Merlot; Girardin 2000 Chambolle-Musigny and Acacia 1999 Las Migas Pinot. IN Freaking Credible!!! I just did tastes of most, but had three full size servings of the Margaux. The most incredible wine experience of my life!!!
2002 Mark West Edna Valley Pinot Noir - Pretty good bang for the buck and went great w/grilled salmon this evening.
I was in a decent local Italian restaurant last night and spotted a 1995 Banfi Brunello on the list at a reasonable price. When I ordered it, however, I was told that they were all out and they brought me the 1998 instead. I put up a friendly argument about the maturity level of the '98 vs. the '95, but in the end I agreed to the '98.
To break the fast Big Grin (10 days-no juice courtesy of the South Beach diet)

1995 Leoville Poyferre (decanted 6 hours and still needing some time, but tasty nonetheless)


Did I understand correctly that you consumed an Old Fashined concocted with Glenmorangie Port Wood? Confused Wouldn't this be comparable to making a sangria with a classified growth? Say it ain't so! I don't want to have to report you to the Scotch Police!!! Wink

Ayinger Weisse-Brau with asian inspired veal stir-fry and rice and a good comedy - "The dinner game".
tonight - '99 Copain Dennison Vineyard.
Last night:

1997 Ruffino Chianti Classico Riserva Ducale Gold Label

Disappointing. See notes in TNs forum.

Right now:

2001 Leone de Castris Primitivo di Manduria Santera

... while watching the Canada/Germany hockey game (Leafs game isn't on until 4pm).
do you guys watch anything else but hockey? Eek it's May month outside, for crying out loud, get out of the house and touch the grass. Big Grin
Steve: from memory (last night)

Col D'orcia 1998 BdM

Only decanted for about 30 minutes. We had Prime Rib we couldn't decide on the wine. Lighter in balance than some heavier concentrated Brunello. That is what made it very drinkable for me. Aroma of Flowers with tastes of raisin, black cherry, perfect tannins that melded right into the nice finish. We were loving it by the end of the second glass. It did get THAT much better with time in the glass. What Brunello doesn't?

A 24 OZ. killer steak in my dining room with it sure didn't hurt.

I did like it better than the Banfi 98 (now). I have 6 more of each. Will be fun to compare later. Banfi is just tighter. The Col is a solid QPR in the right store. Paid $36

My quick opinion - 92 points.
drink now through 2007 or 2008. Probably won't improve beyond that window.
Originally posted by grunhauser:
do you guys watch anything else but hockey? Eek it's May month outside, for crying out loud, get out of the house and touch the grass. Big Grin

No we don't. Mind you, based on the absolutely horrendous effort the Leafs put forth this afternoon, I *should* have been outside or doing something else.

What a brutal game. Mad
last night had a '89 Givrey that I got from an estate sale. since i have been dissapointed many times with French Burgundy, I had low expectations. that added to the exitment when we discovered that we had a really great wine!

let breath in a decanter for an hour and it opened up nicely. gorgeous nose, rich dark cherry flavors, smooth tanins and a reasonably long finish. seductive. other than that we have been enjoying the 2001 fransican merlot and cab, which is our wines of the month for QPR.

This weekend:

2002 Clos Mimi Syrah Petit Rousse Paso Robles
2001 Corte Riva Merlot Napa

"I've gotta be honest with you, guys. I need more cowbell."
Past weekend:

94' Forman Cab
99' Twomey Merlot
99' Barnett Cab.
00' O'Shaughnessy Cab.
01' Karl Lawrence Cab.
01' Plumpjack Cab.
01' Caymus Cab.
01' Paloma Merlot
01' Drinkward Peschon Cab.
02' Red Car "Sugar Daddy"
01' Neal Zin
02' Neal Chard.
02' Phelps Eisrebe
02' Gerhard Reisling
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This week had a Sicilian Cabernet from Murgo: very light for a cab, but tasty and very smooth for $10.

Tonight: 1997 Campogiovanni Brunello - Haven't had one of these in about 6 months, but it never fails to satisfy. Every bottle I've had of these (about 10 now) has been consistently excellent. I always taste the wine right after opening, this one was good from the first taste. I didn't decant it at all, just drank it with dinner. I'm not going to get technical with the tasting notes because I'm not that technical. Regardless, this is a very good Brunello that has showed well from release until now, and is still drinking quite well. I'll match the 94 points that JS gave it on release.

I'm really interested in trying the 97 Il Quercione, Campo's Riserva. This wine ages extremely well from past history. Anybody out there who's tried it yet?
Purplehaze: I'm sure LaTour was refering to the "Old Fashioned" glass and not the cocktail. I cannot see him making such a single malt faux pas.
Over the weekend: Trimbach Gewerztraminer 2002,
Castle Rock RRV Pinot Noir 2002
Paringa Single Vinyard Shiraz 2002,
Liberty School Chardonnay 2001.

"...soon they'll be bleary eyed under a keg of wine, Down where the drunkards roll." Richard Thompson.
Last night - 2000 Arbis Ros IGT. Cabernet/Cab Franc/Pignolo blend. Good QPR @ $20 +/- Good balance of rich Cabernet fruit and acidity from the Pignolo.

2001 Arrowood Sonoma Chardonnay - boring, which is very disappointing. Their other efforts that I have tried have been nice bouquets on the nose followed by a nice complex structure. This was fruity on the nose but almost nothing else. Hopefully it was just that bottle or I have to suffer through two more.

"Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever" - Aristophanes
Sat: 2002 Copain Arrowhead Zin, too fruity not much structure
Sun: 1996 Phelan Segur: goner - no finish no exciting fruit.

Last weekend:
- JK Carriere WV PN 2000
- Castle Rock PN 2002
- Erath 2002 Oregon PN
- Saintsbury 2002 Garnet Carneros PN

It's Pinot season!
This past weekend, we did a couple Aussi Shiraz tastings.

2002 Moss Bros Margaret River Shiraz
2002 Thorne Clark Shotfire Ridge Shiraz
-1999 Therry Nerisson Bourgueil

Planned for this month
-2003 Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc
-2000 Calera Pinot Noir Central Coast
-whatever I find in Napa and Sonoma in two weeks

Big Grin

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