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I'm surprised one of the usual culprits hasn't started this thread already.

Last night I wanted to get rid of some leftovers, so I made orzo and threw it into a sauce of sweet orange bell pepper sauteed in butter and EVO, chicken stock, bit of light cream, pitted and chopped Moroccan sun-dried olives, roasted salmon, fresh tarragon, and squeezed fresh lemon over it at the end. Sounds busy, but somehow it worked.

Was an excellent match with '03 Moreau Chablis GC Valmur (lots of apple and mineral flavours with citrus in the background, and mostly lemon/lime on the finish, very clean, around 90 pts. I will buy a couple more bottles of this to put down for a couple years).
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Not much! Frown

We've been on a diet the past six weeks, on (my) doctor's orders, limiting our portions but otherwise still eating (and drinking!) very well, for 1800 calories a day, at least.

We'll stick with this strict limit until my wife's birthday (and mine) in late June, then add a few more calories a day and see how that goes through the summer.

One of these days I'm gonna scarf down a Timmie's sour-cream glazed, though.....
We went to Tojo's restaurant for dinner last night, arguably one of the best Japanese restaurants in North America.

We opted for the "serve-us-whatever-you-think-we'll-like" menu at $100/person (plus liquor and the usual add-ons). After a short discussion of our needs and dislikes (no sea urchin) we were completely dazzled by an array of dishes, hot and cold, around 8-10, that were unique, delicious, and beautifully presented. Each one was a joy to experience-- some simply prepared (sweet fresh Spring salmon, lightly seared, perfect potato galette, killer sauce), and some intricate and layered (lobster, prawn, scallop, Dungeness crab roll, wrapped in fresh crepe). Fabulous sauces with most dishes; some very delicate, a few forceful, all harmonious with the food they accompanied.

We also had a cold sake, the name of which I forget, that was recommended by our server and served in a traditional bamboo sleeve. It had some light exotic notes of peach with faint hints of pineapple, and was very refreshing with the meal. A glass of plum wine-- which had marzipan dominating the nose-- was a nice accompaniment to a simple dessert of ice cream with fresh raspberries and an intense raspberry coulis.

Factor in a table with a great view of the city and mountains, and it makes for a magical evening.
Originally posted by Board-O:
I don't understand the need to cook a fresh coconut.

I have been trying to eat a coconut a day along with some other fruits and vegetables for health benefits. I had read about cooked coconuts and the article was vague. I just wondered if anyone here had done it. When you eat something a lot it is good to have options.
Fresh halibut fillet, marinated in lemon juice and crushed garlic for an hour, sauteed in butter and olive oil, served atop gnocchi in a sauce of yellow bell pepper, sweet Maui onion, chicken stock and butter. Totally simple, totally delicious.

With a bottle of 2002 Danie de Wet Chardonnay Call of the African Eagle, from South Africa, lightly oaked, rich lemon flavour with green apple tones, some mineral, great acidity, reminiscent of Chablis, near-perfect match with the halibut.
We got 5 pounds of baby white potatoes. I boiled them for 15 mins, then threw in the fridge for 4 hours. In a giant pan, I melted a very (un)healthy scoop of duck fat. Sauteed potatoes in duck fat until browned and crispy on the outside, then salted and peppered. People liked these better than the steaks!!!

Sounds great! Getting hungry here. May need to try that. Where did you get a scoop of duck fat???
I made turkey meat loaf for the first time yesterday. Modified an Epicurious recipe slightly-- extra lean (no skin) ground organic turkey breast, lots of fresh oregano, tomato paste, bread crumbs, egg, red wine-- and it came out great. Had it with oven-roasted root vegetables (potato, onion, carrot, turnip, parsnip, beet, and added some green beans near the end) and there was plenty left over for some sandwiches this week. Not a dish that I will ever crave, but OK once in a while, and fairly low in fat. We're trying to reduce our fat intake so I can get back into my leopardskin bikini this summer.

Had a bottle of '01 Bressy Masson Rasteau with it, nice match.

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