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All Marylanders here should do this:
1) Find out who your state legislators are.
If you don't know, go to:

2) Write a letter supporting the concept of wine shipping. In your letter you should ask for the support of the legislator for the bill. You should be polite. You should compose your own original letter.

We are close. We just might be able to order direct shipments from wineries in the not too distant future. But, please help. Silence is our enemy.
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I certainly see this as a move in the right direction, however the law will not allow retailers to ship into the state. Wineries only. A large majority of my out-of-state purchases are not direct from wineries, but from retailers. The reason this is that case is that they either have significantly better pricing on the wines I'm purchasing or have access to wines I cannot get in MD.

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How fun would it be to taste a wine in Cali/Oregon/Wash and have it shipped directly to your home! There's talking 'bout a dozen cases per year- that's a decent amount.

I doubt they'll ever allow shipping from an out of state retailer. That would curtail their ability to charge whatever tax per bottle they deem appropriate at the time. Speaking of which there is a fair amount of scuttlebutt that the tax for all alcohol is going up (maybe 2x) this year in MD.

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