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Move over, coffee pod people; here come the pot pods.
Lloyd Alter (@lloydalter) Design / Sustainable Product Design
May 26, 2016
“There’s really a mainstream audience [of medicinal marijuana consumers] out there that is underserved,” Bourque said. “They want a system that a doctor would approve. They want convenience.” That strive for ease is what led him down the path of a Keurig-like product. But while some associate Keurig coffee pods with convenience; others call them an environmental nightmare.
This is not your hippie grandpa's hookah, but designed to make it all respectable and middle class. (includes video)

CannaCloud Vaporizer System Demonstration Video from Greg James on Vimeo.
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wineandfoodexpert posted:
I do not prefer vaporizers, as I enjoy the fruity or earthy favor of fine marijuana smoke, depending on the strain. After all, not only do I live in the place which produces the best wine in USA (and, in my expert opinion, the world). I too, live in the marijuana growing capital of the world, hands down. Do you, too, partake?

I also don't use vaporizers. I smoke marijuana to reduce stress or when I can't sleep. Fortunately, it happens not so often. By the way, what about measuring weed? How much do you usually buy and smoke? 

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