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Originally posted by Golf&Pinot Nut:
Originally posted by Stefania Wine:
I'm not charging enough Razz

Face it - you just have bottle envy

My initial thought was rather crude actually.

Going back to my training in Economics if you really are having trouble impressing people with how impressive your size is does it make more sense to:

A: Spend several million dollars on starting a cult-wantabee winery with huge impressive etched glass.

B. Get a ***** implant.
Maybe it would help if, instead of thinking of it as $175/bottle, if you thought of it as 1/2 the price of L & M!! Its all a matter of your perspective.

By the way, I think it is safe to say that Merus is now "approaching" $175/bottle.

GPN--- Yes, and I wouldn't buy either one, L&M or Ardore. These wines are such a big turnoff, because of the introductory pricing. You know right from the start where they are going with their prices, whereas, Merus started in a lower range and raised prices to their current level of $750 per six, or $125 per bottle, over a 8 year period.

Realistically, one must be prepared to drop off a mailing list quickly, and not be continuously stepped up to the next level. I dropped off the Bankiet list because prices were continuously raised, and they were even less than Ardore.

I suppose Mark Herold will be looking at the success of Ardore and try to anticipate the rate of list attrition before deciding on the final price for the 2005 Merus.

I admit you are right. I hate to do that too.

I've stopped going to some restaurants in NY because I thought their prices were insultingly high and I haven't bought high price Bordeaux since the 1998 vintage for the same reason. (The highest I've gone now is for La Mission in 2003 and 2005.)

But, the Ardore sounded good and worth a taste and these days $175.00 isn't so high. So, sorry and I'm certainly willing to share the wines.


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