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To be considered fine or upscale, must it be without a drive-thru? Because I found a fine Burger King today while I was waiting for my car at the dealership! Wink
Actually, I hope somebody can come up with a good lunch suggestion since I have to head back down there next week and wait for my car again.

A meal is not a meal without wine; thus I skip breakfast.
Marin isn't quite the dining destination SF is, but...

Buckeye Roadhouse - excellent comfort food, casual dining, great service

Guaymas - Food and Service have been hit and miss in the past but the view of SF across the Bay is one of the best.

Lark Creek Inn - Another restaurant where the atmosphere is a bit better than the food, great place for romance. Chef Bradley Ogden is really good, so this place should be better.

Roxanne's - Here's a place everyone should try once. Completely vegan, nothing is even heated above 118 degrees. Sounds weird? A bit, but I found the dishes creative and delicious.

Yankee Pier - Tasty clam shack style, but seafood.

And last but not least -- stop by the Pelican Inn on Muir Beach. The food isn't great, but the atmosphere in this recreation of an old English pub and inn is wonderful, especially on a chilly foggy Marin afternoon.

Make Cab, not War.
Add to the above (in no particular order) some of my other favorites/frequents. My special favs marked (*).

Marche aux Flores (town of Ross): French influence. Unassuming. Great wine list. Decent pricing. Outdoor seating. (*)

La Ginestra (Mill Valley): Italian/pizza. Laid back. Good food/service/prices. BYOB-friendly.

Sushi Ran (Sausalito). Arguably one of the best sushi places in entire Bay area. (*)

El Paseo (Mill Valley). A bit formal and older crowd, but romatic. Expensive. Extansive wine cellar.

First Crush (Mill Valley). Marin sister to the SF restaurant. Good wine list. Outdoor seating.

Angelino's (Sausalito). Right near the over-touristed waterfront, but boy does this place draw locals for great Italian. (*)

Fork (San Anselmo). Very very good Cal-New French. (*)

Frantoio (Mill Valley). Don't let the Holiday Inn Express site fool you, it's got pretty darn good 'Italian'.

Left Bank (Larkspur). Good, not great, bistro food, but very kid-friendly. There's other locations around Bay area also.

Piazza D'Angelo (Mill Valley). Italian.

Manka's Inverness Lodge (Inverness - quite a away from the bay side - on Tomales bay. More of a destination when staying nearby). Very good, 3-star prix fixe dining.
Originally posted by DJ Hombre:

This one looks interesting... what can you tell me about it? What kind of food, wine list, ambience?

SF Chron's food review:

Manka's Website:

btw, for an interesting picnic while out at Point Reyes & Tomales Bay (east side of bay, on US 1), consider either Hog Island Oyster Company (415-663-9218) or Tomales Bay Oyster Company (415-663-1242). We do a brunch/lunch. At both you can buy oysters in the shell (cash only I think) and set up picnic to eat them on half-shell or BBQ. Bring charcoal, oyster 'fixings' (vinagrette, lemon, tobasco, BBQ sauce, etc.), picnic 'gear' including plastic table cloth, oyster knife, etc.), and wine (Sancerre for half-shell, maybe something red and a little more zesty if you're BBQ-ing - say Beujolais) and you're all set. I usually also bring some flank or hanger steak, crusty bread, hot seafood chowder (add oysters right there). Sit outdoors with lovely views, dine on picnic table. Best on a sunny, calm day. Also, if it's been raining recently, then call first, since rain runoff in Tomales Bay may temporarily force a close off the oyster sales. Weekends get crowded, so make SURE you go early (10am-ish) to get a table. TBOC also gets quite a bit of local Hispanic families on w/e's which can make it quite crowded and to some folk a bit too 'loud', but which I thoroughly enjoy for the diversity (brushing up on my muy poco Espanol, and sharing my wine for some of their grilled meats, etc.). It's like being in a little Baja coastal town.

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The newest place is in the street level of the Casa Madrone hotel on Bridgeway. Good selection of wine also.

Now everyone quit giving out my secrets!

Oh yeah, Christophes. French fixed price menu. $22 plus wine includes salad, appetizer, main course and dessert. Ala carte also available. Reservations required since they are so small....
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