Has anyone tasted this wine? If so, please let me know your opinion.

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From what I gather, Marietta's Lot #s are pretty good year in and year out. I've had the #28 a few months ago and would agree it is an excellent wine with pizza.
When people ask me what I'd name as the best buy in wine, OVR is my first choice, followed by Sancerre (the white, not the red).

I agree that relegating this to "pizza wine" doesn't do it justice. I haven't had the lot 29 but the 28 is one of my all time best QPRs.

I don't think calling a wine a 'pizza wine' is a sign of disrespect.

Heck, just in the past few months I've had a '98 Viader and a '99 Monbousquet with pizza (we eat pizza at least once a week).

The Marietta, to me, typified a simple, good quality, well-priced red wine - ideal for a light meal (BBQ, pasta with red sauce, pizza, etc.) preferably on a weeknight (hence the low price tag).

I wouldn't drink this with a beautiful filet topped with blue cheese & butter - but that's just me...
I wouldn't drink any good non-fortifeied red wine with bleu cheese. Calling any wine a pizza wine is a backhanded compliment. Would you call the '99 Monbousquet a pizza wine?
No, I suppose not. But I would say that the '99 Monbousquet went very well with the pizza just as well as the pizza went very well with the Monbousquet.
a gentle reminder: let's not forget that pizza, like any other food, can be gourmet and exceptional. pizza can also be awful just like fast food. so saying a wine is a great pizza wine does not suggest the wine is a good fast food (awful) wine or that the wine is of lesser quality. at least in my book

"...the '99 Monbousquet went very well with the pizza just as well as the pizza went very well with the Monbousquet."

Ya know, Short, this is very close to becoming Philosophy. [Smile]
denotative (literal) v connotative (interpretive)meaning. many arguments & ruffled feathers occur when these are confused &/or your definition of a term does not mesh with mine.

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