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Marietta Old Vine Red Lot 28 $10.00

This wine is for the jam lovers out there, and I count myself as one. After breathing for 20 mins it opened up to a rich raspberry aroma, with sweet, berry jam flavors over smokey and meaty notes. Medium to full body, with round, warm tannins on the long finish. Very good wine, excellent QPR. I bought this one bottle to try after it was recommended by other forum members. Minutes after finishing the bottle I placed another order for half a case.

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andy, I'm glad you liked it. Isn't it amazing what Marietta can produce for about eight bucks a bottle? I haven't had a wine that good ever from anplace in North America, other than CA, OR, or WA at any price.

As for the '97 Angeli Cuvee. At the June 15th dinner, that's what I brought for my grab bag wine, which mletson picked. I looke forward to his unbiased review.

It's official....I've had the late harvest, and it's just like you describe the lot 28.....dark, rich, jammy, and WONDERFUL! And it was in a 375. A wine driniking friend of mine got it in Healdsburg CA. and shared it with me. I was blown away at how wonderful it was, and we searched all over for more in San Francisco, but to no avail [Confused] In fact, I have yet to see any Marietta in any of the wine stores I frequent! Maybe I'm not looking in the right places....I probably am stuck in the Bordeaux isle too often!
I recently had a bottle of the Lot 28. I did not decant. I found the wine to be cloyingly sweet, like drinking cough syrup. I let it sit for an hour in the glass with no improvement. I finally poured the bottle down the drain. Is there any phenomenon which would explain this? My experience was very different from everyone else on this board. I previously had the Lot 27 and enjoyed it.

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