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Couple of weekends ago, the strong desire for social interaction with persons other than store clerks, service people and the random encounter, overcame us and we threw caution to the wind to host Javachip for fun, food, and festivities.  Tempered, of course, with COVID having already run its course in our bubble and JC having been vaccinated.  JC brought a few golf ball sized Italian black truffles with a bottle of Gaja in tow...

2019 Dom Huet Vouvray Le Haut-Lieu with aged cheddar and cracker assortment.  Don't say this very often (or ever) of a white wine, but this bottle could have used a few more year to settle down.

2019 Pra' Otto, Suave classico with fresh linguini in olive oil, salt flakes, salt-cured eggs from our very own chickens, and a very generous portion of sliced truffle...this dish, for me was the olfactory overload of the night. 

1998 Gaja Barbaresco, with filet mignon in perigord sauce with a generous portion of sliced truffles to top off.   Don't think i need to say much more here. 

2001 Ch de Malle, with an assortment of fine pastries from a lil' ol'; spot in our hood

More pedestrian last weekend,

2015 Tenuta Perano, Frescobaldi, chianti classico

2011 Ch de la Mullonniere, Coteaux du Layon Beaulieu..excellent with homemade choco chippers.


1994 Bolla Amarone

@otw posted:

2002 Two Hands Lily's Garden - Lush fruit, but not enough tannic structure for my taste.  Technically well-made, but lacks any kind of character.  It doesn't exemplify McLaren Vale very well.

It's day 2 and I'm not enjoying this experience.  Lily is just a flabby fruitcake.

I don't know where they misplaced the tannin but this wine lacks any kind of backbone.  Lots of fruit syrup with a plush texture.  It says 15% alcohol but the glycerine-like texture makes it seem like more.

The back label says it is 'hand-crafted' wine.  Next time, I'd suggest foot-stomping, more stems and pits, and less extraction.

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