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irwin posted:

wound up splitting some calamari to start and Dover sole.  Friend had lamb chops. The ladies had salmon and halibut.  This might seem odd, but we had some Pesquera 2014 Crianza.  Not the greatest wine match in history, but the wine was quite good.

An oddity.... The cork of the first bottle had the word "Pesquera" printed the long way on the cork...with the P near one end and the A near the other. The second bottle had the word printed around the circumference of the cork.  Not sure what that means. Anyway, the second bottle seemed more open and enjoyed it more.

vint posted:

Beef stew from the Instant Pot. It’s good, and doubtless faster than the traditional way, but the IP fanatics out there who say things like “An Instant Pot wil change your life!” are delusional.


I don't make that claim but the speed at which it does some things is a game changer. Some examples:

  • bone broth - every time I buy a chicken, in under 1 hour I get awesome stock from the carcass that would normally require several hours. I do the same with lobster, beef, lamb etc.
  • beans - dry black or pinto beans in under an hour is just ridiculous. No more soaking overnight and simmering for hours. This also saves me money on my gas or electric bill depending on if I'm using the burner or induction stove. Essentially, any dry bean or something like chickpeas for hummus. 
  • tenderizing tougher cuts like you did (too many to name)

Last night at Din Tai Fung in Hong Kong, we had nice meal with lots of variety, but the two standouts were xian long bao-- steamed dumplings with broth inside-- that had minced pork and fresh black truffle inside, truly wonderful, and also a fairly rich braised beef noodle soup that was very tasty.  While this city is loaded with good restaurants, we're already considering returning here just to have those dumplings again.

Later this morning we're going on a private food tour of mainly the Kowloon area with a couple of young women who are highly regarded as food guides, so we'll see what recommendations we can get from them.

Silvia Apilinario posted:

Yesterday night, I was enjoyed wood fired pepperoni pizza loaded with popular pizza ingredients, this cheesy concoction is wonderful on crackers of all kinds. —Connie Milinovich, Cudahy, Wisconsin. Also, enjoy few shots of wine. 

You're so bereft of original thoughts you have to steal from a crappy cooking website?

Or are you another of the bot/phishing/spam accounts that seem to be taking over this forum lately.

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