My wife got me some Alton Brown "Good Eats" dvd's for my birthday last month. Just had to try his version of steak au poivre. It turned out amazingly well for an amateur like myself. Damn near burned the house down igniting the cognac! Served with Rudd cabernet Jericho Canyon 1999.
Originally posted by Board-O:
Tried grilling duck breasts tonight. They were good and required care so I didn't burn them, but they really belong in a pan over high heat.

Yeah, I could see that skin(fat) being a major issue on the grill. I would definitely stick to pan searing, the taste should be better and the with a wider variety of uses...then again I prefer my steaks to be cooked over extremely high heat in a cast iron pan. I have a $2,000 grill that rarely gets used. Frown
Originally posted by Dom'n'Vin'sDad:
Last night - carnitas and chile rellenos....

Now, don't laugh. I picked them up at Costco. The carnitas I have had before, and I think they are very, very good. Makes for an excellent machaca the next day.

The rellenos? Not so good. Won't be buying again....
I’ve been thinking of trying the carnitas at Costco. I tried their “fresh” tamales and they were no bueno.

Last night we made eggplant parm with the 2006 Argiolas Cannonau di Sardegna Costera.
Originally posted by Purple Teeth:
Tonight - corned beef and cabbage with Guinness.

Hmmm.... methinks there will be lots of this particular dinner tonight.... Big Grin

I know that is what is happening at my house. Although, we will be having some red potatoes as welll....
Originally posted by Hunter:
Sunday: Homemade spaghetti, pork ribs, meatballs. Roast Beef.

Hey Hunter!! Did you feed the whole neighborhood last night????

Mother in Law did this and there were about 12 of us. I do not make the hand cut spaghetti. She does it great and I am thrilled to indulge in it whenever she makes it!, so I got the day off.

It's nice to just show up and eat sometimes... Smile

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