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Last night was gluttony central - brother in law in town, so all my wife's family was over, total about 18.

Hors d - various baked goods, crostini with pesto and sundried tomato and mozzarella
Fish - grilled halibut with fruit salsa
Salad - new greens with simple emulsified vinaigrette
main - killer 15 lb standing rib roast with roasted garlic, rosemary and thyme sauce, rosemary roast new potatoes and broccoli au citron
dessert - chocolate mousse, homemade, with 7 layer cake, brought by father in law.

Was awesome!
Mine turned out ok. They had bones and I cooked them slow, and they were not very lean. I wish I had marinated them in Italian dressing though. It is kind of like old reliable even if it is not that imaginative.

Were your chops boneless? I think I like steak, pork, lamb and chicken better when it is cooked with the bone.
You eat sandwiches for dinner? That's strange.

Reminds me of a German friend of mine. Our families were living in Indonesia at the time. I invited him over for lunch one day. Our cook made up a nice platter of assorted sandwiches and some chips, pickles and olives for us. It was a pretty fancy lunch for me, based on my experience at the time. My friend, Reinhardt, as hard as he tried to be polite seemed a little confused by the meal. The next week he invited me to lunch at his house. Homemade sauerbraten, red cabbage, potato pancakes followed by a delicious slice of cake and fresh sliced pineapple drizzled in Grand Marnier.

He smiled when were were done, and said, "Zis is how vee luntch in Tchermany, my friend!" So much for sandwiches.....
Roll Eyes
Oh, and last night. Hamburgers on the grill. Hamburger sandwiches, that is... Razz

Originally posted by Board-O:
With the bone. These go from perfectly cooked to shoe leather very quickly becauyse of the leanness of the meat. These were center cut pork chops.

I have great luck with these on the grill. They need to be very thick, and as Board-O said after searing need to be slow cooked over a dead burner with other burners dialed back to Medium. Always come out tasty and juicy!

You can call me Gunther, PurpleH. Razz

As far as pork goes, always with the bone and always marinate in olive oil for several hours before cooking. My typical marinade is olive oil, garlic, rosemary, thyme, lemon juice, all pounded in mortar and spread over meat. Grill quikly on high heat (i do it on the stove), then finish in the hot oven for 7-9 minutes. Let rest. Eat.
Blue Cheese crusted Beef Tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes, mixed veg; wine a 1998 Concha y Toro Don Melchor Cab. Made a nice Cab sauce to serve with the beef (the Don Melchor was good for something). Dessert: molten chocolate cakes with a heap of whipped cream. All prepped and finished by yours truly. Nothing from a box, ever, is my motto.

I was craving beef and nothing filled the pie hole quite like a decent Cab, some blue cheese on a nicely marinated piece of beef, creamy mashed and chocolate for dessert. YMMMMM GOOD.

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