I am sure this question been ask many time, but cant seem to find the information here. I looking to make NY style pizza with my wood fired oven, kitchen aid mixer, King Arthur bread flour, instead yeast, table salt and sugar, does anyone have a recipes that they can share making great pizza.
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You have a wood fired oven?

You don't need sugar and you don't need the Kitchen Aid mixer. Just mix some yeast with water to dissolve it, then mix that with the flour and finally the salt and knead it by hand and let it rise overnight or for a few days in the refrigerator.

Make your dough as wet as you can and still handle it. You have the oven to make it great.

Yeah - I forgot about that thread. Not sure if I should add to it or not - lots more experiments and info over the past few years.

The two things to keep in mind about 00 flour is that because of its smaller grain size, it absorbs water differently and burns more quickly in your oven. Overall flavor isn't much different - that depends a lot more on your ferments and your yeast. I've even made 00 flour by swirling KA flour in the blender for a while. No idea what the result was in terms of engineering specs.



If you're talking about a true wood-fire oven that can get up into the 900* degree Fahrenheit range, you'll have to reduce the temperature a ways to cook a NY style pizza.  Any dough with sugar in it will burn at the high end temps of a true wood-fire oven.  For Neapolitan style dough without sugar in it, I cook in the 900* range and can do a pizza in about 90 seconds.  When I do a traditional style American dough pizza, I reduce the heat to the 500* degree range and let it go for 7-10 minutes or so. 

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