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Hi. I'm brand new to bear with me.

I've recently been getting into wines and have ended up on several (actually, more than several, but don't tell my wife) mailing lists and I ahve some questions.

For instance...

Kistler allocated me 2 Chardonnays in 18 and 12 bottle allocations and a pinot in a 12 bottle allocation. Now, what are the ramifications of not buying all of it? Do I get dropped? I've had a bottle of the Chardonnay and think it is great...but we're talking 3 grand here.

Shafer...why would I want to order from them when the merlot and Relentless is readily available - and cheaper if you add in shipping - locally?
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Most wineries will use your purchase history to determine future allocations.

Being on the mailing list, you also get invited to special events at the winery, some at no cost and some at additional charge.

Shafer has a differentdifferent list for their Hillside Select. Depending on who you ask, buying from the regular list may or may not benefit your position on their HS list.

Buying from winery mailing list will typically (not always) allow you to secure a certain amount of wine on every vintage, even if it got scored 100 points from Laube or Parker. Buying form retail is a more speculative proposition for high scoring wines.

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