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So, I kept on seeing ads for Made-In cookware — a consumer-direct mail-order brand — on YouTube. Their spokespeople are the chefs at Alinea who claim to use the line, itself.

I didn’t think anything of it but I recently became in need of a 7++qt sauteuse / rondeau and figured I would check out the brand. At $209 for a 10 quart 5-ply stainless steal (similar to All-Clad d5) rondeau the price seemed fair. I did an internet search and read very positive reviews of the brand on reputable websites so I figured I’d pull the trigger.

Having now cooked only once with it, here are my thoughts: the fit and finish, so far, seem exactly up to All-Clad d5. The handles are a bit more minimalist, but that’s fine. I have no ability to do a direct comparison, but compared to a 13” All-Clad d5 French skillet, the Made-In distributes heat equally evenly.  It took *slightly* longer to bring to the same temperature, but being a significantly larger pot, overall, I think that’s understandable. The handles stayed cool. (Interestingly, according to Made-In, their pot in oven safe to 800 degrees F, whereas I know the All-Clads are only supposed to go to 600 or 650.)

Of course, I won’t really know for sure for a while, but so far, having now cooked with it, I can say I’m happy with the purchase and would consider Made-In’s 5-ply stainless steal cookware to be an attractive alternative to All-Clad d5 at more reasonable pricing.

A final note. Made-In’s website does not seem compatible with my iPhone’s Safari browser (JavaScript error), though it works just fine using Brave on my Mac laptop. I’m not certain why this is, but I thought I’d throw the information out there.


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