MacPhail Family Winery Pinot Noir Special Offer

Let's see, the last time I was a pimp for Match Vineyards. Well this time it's for MacPhail Family Winery.

While I was familiar with this producer, I had never really tasted their lineup until last Saturday when my wife and I visited them in Healdsburg. They make an astonishing amount of really great pinot noir and are good people to boot. So, if you like to support small family owned and small case production wineries, like we do, this is definitely one to add to your list.

But, here's the best deal of all: with the MacPhail's permission to post, there's a 15% discount on their wines right now. Not sure how long but it's only for you peeps. So, if you've never tried their wines or always wanted to do so, here's your chance.

My recommendation:

2006 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
2006 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

are $29 each, but with the discount it's comes out to less than $25 per bottle. So, if you spend $100 you've got 4 bottles of a properly stored 4 year old vintage wine direct from the winery. Seriously this is really a terrific deal.

And if you want to be more adventurous you can do what I did and create an instant vertical by buying the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Pratt Vineyard wines.

If interested DO NOT USE THE SHOPPING CART and instead send an email to kerry at for your wants and needs. Also, please note that they may not be able to ship to all states depending on where you live and the shipping laws in effect.

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You will not be disappointed. These wines are every bit as good, or better, than many Pinots that generate page after page of posts on these boards. I have been a loyal buyer since the 2004 vintage and have been very pleased. Smoke in their northern vineyard sources means no 2008 wine from certain areas, so now is your chance to help yourselves and the winery by loading up on back vintages. You will love the wine, and they will love the cash flow.
My wife and I are also fans of MacPhail wines. Everytime we have visited the winery the hospatality has been fantastic. James and his crew do a great job. Have yet to have a wine that we don't like. Check out their Facebook page also, they are very active here.
I have been a fan of MacPhail's Pinots for several years, as well as the ones he crafts for Sequana. Here is my note from tonight's wine:

2010 MacPhail Family Winery Pinot Noir, Sangiacomo Vineyard, Sonoma Coast
The color is a nearly transparent light ruby with glints of orange. Barrel aged for 11 months in French oak (50% new), the nose initially shows toast and spice notes. This gives way to pretty, delicate cherry, orange rind, and a note of green tea. It is light, lithe, and distinctly feminine in the mouth. Those that say that Californnia only produces Pinot Noir that looks and tastes like fruit-bomb Syrahs need to give this wine a try. Silky, harmonious, perfectly balanced, and a joy to drink.
MSRP: $49 (November 2012)
Wine Lines rating: 93

For an unfined and unfiltered Pinot, especially from California, it is amazing how much this reminds me of good Burgundy, or perhaps the Eyrie Pinots from a decade or more ago.

Anyhoo, this is my first TN post in five years... Hello to all.

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