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In Baltimore.  Lots of casualties from the virus.

Alexander Browns, elegant downtown restaurant.  Owners spent a gazillion dollars on renovating a building standing since the 19th century. Just beautiful. Excellent food, wine, service.  Never took off.  I ate there during a "soft opening." Came back after it opened around 3 weeks later and was greeted by name.

Milton Inn.  Beautiful country place. Old Stone building. dating from the 18th century. Fine Dining.  Ate here once with Gentleman Farmer.  Chef/owner Brian Boston extremely talented.

Ciao Bella. In Little Italy.  Got some financial backing from Ravens' retired linebacker Ray Lewis, but event that defensive move couldn't save the restaurant.

City Cafe.  A nice midtown place. Perfect before or after the symphony.  Made a great Aperol spritz. Food was quite good.

Clyde's in Columbia.  Very popular since 1975.   Very loud and very ordinary. I never cared for it.

And many more.

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