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Just thought of another. West Shore Bar and Grill. In Homewood. This was a VERY high end hotel and restaurant. Last two times at the cabin, the gates were closed. Don't know if it is a winter only thing, but I am suspecting not.

On the home front, the country club has stopped Sunday dinners because of low turnout, and now is serving dinner only on Friday night - and last Fridays was cancelled because of low reservations. The special events are almost always sold out though.
Just chiming in for Toronto, Canada, the fine dining scene here has been battered during this recession period. Since about 2008, we've lost a few very established highly reputed restaurants such as:

  • Susur (Susur Lee went to NYC to open Shang)
  • Truffles (at Four Seasons)
  • Perigee
  • Xacutti

And a few other established highly regarded restaurants were sold, like:

  • Splendido
  • Celestin
  • Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar
  • Crush Wine Bar (sold just this week to a hotel group)

These restaurants represented some of the city's better, if not best. We'll surely recover, but Toronto's fine dining landscape is currently a shadow of its former self.
Originally posted by StarV100:

I think that Jamie Kennedy and Crush are still operating though, no?

Yes they are, as is Splendido and Celestin. The 2nd list are restaurants which were sold off - i.e., operating under new ownership - and in the case of Jamie Kennedy, name changed to The Wine Bar. Another one in this category is Il Mulino which was sold last fall but still operating under same name and a different menu.
Originally posted by mneeley490:
Originally posted by mneeley490:
Recently lost a couple of my faves in Seattle:

Union Square Grill


Apparently this has reopened as a Sullivan's Steakhouse, a Texas chain, I hear. Anyone have any thoughts on them?

The one in Dallas is more of a bar sceene than a restaurant. Although it is less than 2 miles from my office and house, I haven't eaten there in the last two years. Too many better steak places in Dallas... not counting my own grill.
Originally posted by Red guy in a blue

Solid, but never spectacular. Too bad. They seemed like nice people.

I got a little more information. They are closing but reopening elsewhere as a bistro and it sounds like a smaller location. Makes a lot of sense because their restaurant was nice but always had a lot of empty tables. I don't know if the menu will be the same but I think it will still be called Terra.

Red Guy, I thought they made some great steaks. They used to have a filet with chimichurri that put others to shame. When I first started eating at nice restaurants something about this place just stood out as always being worth it.

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