Along these themes, any or all:




Landmark (got Landmark Winery)

Skyscraper; high-rise



Need to buy a few cases, preferably magnums. Know this will be difficult, but...

Thanks, in advance.
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So when is your skyscrapper church opening??
........ Try Prosperity Chardonnay,red truck blend, Big house red,and perhaps Hook and Ladder....
Originally posted by pape du neuf:
And, of course, Hightower Cellars.

Ah! Didn't think of that. And I know them well. Thanks, keep 'em coming.
Those blasted churches!!

For construction, The Last Ditch, or anything un-wooded.

Thinking that you are not ready to spring for a case of Latour Magnums, at least there are a number of other wines and wineries with Latour in the name, several in California.

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