I too was looking for a bit of information on Matthew Fox wine. Every time I visit my family in Cleveland, they serve me Matthew Fox wine (merlot, cabernet sauvignon, or chardonnay). It is so good that I constantly ask what the wine is, the answer always being "Matthew Fox." Just after Thanksgiving, I had to have some, so I found out that my family purchases Matthew Fox wine at Marc's, an Ohio owned buy out store, for a whopping price of $3.29 a bottle! Whoever said cheap wine isn't good, hasn't experienced Matthew Fox! You can get a case (12 bottles) for $35.00!!! Incidentally, my brother and his wife can afford expensive wine and go for Matthew Fox from Marc's every time. I am sure this adds to the mystery and goodness of Matthew Fox wine!
Originally posted by calemap:
Who is two-buck Chuck? New to the boards.

Cheap wine, allegedly drinkable. Allegation still unproven.

Anyone in Cuyahoga county with $4 and some cojones, grab a bottle of this plonk and post a TN. Hey, they even make a shiraz!! Razz

Sadly, you can only get Matthew Fox wines at Marcs.

I'm a Californian who has family in Ohio. They served me a bottle of MW chardonnay and I was surprised - much better than you'd think for the price. And WAY better than two buck chuck.

Anyway, I went online to find more about it, found this thread AND found this from Boat Show News --

"11 Jan 2006 06:09:12 pm

Wine & Cheese Preview this Friday and You're Invited!

This Friday, January 13 from 3pm - 6pm our annual Wine & Cheese Preview will be open to the public for the first time ever. Be among the first to see America's biggest indoor boat show and enjoy wide open aisles and no lines to view boats.

Opening at 3pm, wine and cheese will be served from 4pm - 6pm.

Presented by Matthew Fox Wines, which are available exclusively at all Marc's stores, tickets to the VIP Wine & Cheese Preview are $20 each and can be purchased either at the show box office or online using our new e-ticketing software."

So, great news for Clevelanders (and boaters!) sad news for me!
Growing up in Cleveland, I find this thread to be quite humorous. I shop at Marc’s about once every two years when visiting my parents and I’ve never seen this wine – probably because I never thought of Marc’s as a place to buy wine. My folks shop there so I’ll have to tell them about it. PH, the next time I visit my folks I’ll make a trip to Marc’s and pick up a bottle for a tasting note. And since I’m a Rhone-type of guy, I’ll make it a Shiraz.

By the way for those of you living in Connecticut the store name is "Xpect" and not Marc's.
Altaholic -

Shopping for wine in Cleveland is always such a shock to me - even everyday bottles are $3 more than California because of the Ohio taxes.

So this was a fun cheap thrill.

Plus I have to go to Marcs when I visit - I miss it!

And while I haven't had the MW reds, I've heard nice things about 'em. Will it taste like a $15 bottle? Probably not. But will it be really great for the cost? I've heard Yes.

Interested to hear how the Shiraz is, keep us posted!

From the land of Happy California Zins,

As an occasional visitor to Cleveland, and having grown up there, I have tried the Matthew Fox Cab, and found it to taste more like grape juice than a good wine. I'm not saying it's bad, and it's definitely better than some $10 wines I've purchased, but for $3.29, it's worth it.

But I have made a very interesting observation that tends to make me think why this juice is so cheap. Most wines of any reputation will specify their alcohol content, usuaully 12 to 15%. There is no mention of this on the bottle. In fact, it seems to be amiss of alcolhol of any substance. I suspect that the alcohol content is somewhere around 5 to 7% and hence they are not required to put it on the label.

If you've ever been to New York and gone to a cheap deli to get wine, all they have is $8 juice that is diluted and awful. I suspect that Matthew Fox, although it tastes better, falls into this same category.

All I can say is that living in Texas, I will stick with Cameron Hughs wines from Costco and by mail order, and when I return to CLeveland to visit family, I'll try some of the other Matthew Fox wines. They're Ok and for the price, you can't beat them.
Alcohol content? Hmm.... when visiting I never thought to look for that. I can tell you that as a semi-professional chardonnay drinker (aka - writer) the Matthew Fox Chardonnay felt full octane.

I haven't had enough of their reds to judge, although my husband felt their syrah was better than their cab.

But I do agree, the Cameron Hughes wines are a dependable affordable treat!
OK, I did some further research on the subject by going to Marc's and purchasing a bottle of their Chard. When checking out, the guy in front of me was purchasing a case of Shiraz. ($36) On the side of the box I noticed the label read 13.9% alcohol. Interestingly, it's not stated on the bottle.

In evaluating the Chard, I found it tasted well, relatively smooth, light and somewhat fruity. I liked, it, and for the price, you can't go wrong. I just wish it was sold here in Texas.

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