me and a friend both have very limited cellars, but have an extreme love for wine. Originally he is from napa so he has a slight inclination towards napa reds, I on the other hand am a bit more of a francophile when it comes to my wines. Anyways to make a short story long hes putting his best bottle of napa against my best bottle of bordeaux and as much as I enjoy drinking with friends in my home I thought both should be enjoyed with great food, and I am slightly anal when it comes to stemware and the staff that opens the bottles. so if anyone can recommend a restaurant in chicago or the outlying subarbs it would be much appreciated.
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I'm not from Chicago, but had a wonderful time at a place called Campagnola with a bunch of forumites for a recent dinner/ tasting drinking offline.

You might want to bring your own stems, but they'll treat you right. And let us know what your wines are, so we can all tell you which one will suck, <empty suit razz>
well he is bringing a 97 cinq cepages
and I am bringing a 95 cheval blanc

I think "I" know what the clear winner should be.
I live in the suburb just West of you.

I have had a couple excellent meals at Praga on St. Charles Rd. in downtown Lombard. They allow you to bring wine in for a reasonable corkage fee (approx $10-15 per bottle). They also have a very nice and reasonable wine list.

Another fine restaurant is Myhka's in Glen Ellyn ($15 corkage). However, the food is not well suited to Reds.


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