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I am new to this forum and if I am breaking any unwritten rules of conduct, I will apologize upfront. In addition, I will say that I am a novice to futures and buying first growths. I have tasted them and love most of them, yet I cannot say that I have bought any in bulk.
With that said, I am looking for a 21st year birthday wine for my 3 yr daughter (2003 vintage Smile) and my 1 yr old son (2005 vintage Cool). I wish to purchase 3-6 bottles of each and I have friends who may pitch in for the rest of the case if necessary.
I am looking for the best in the first growth bordeaux category for each year. Obviously the best now does not matter; the best in 2024 and 2026 is what matters (and I don't have a crystal ball Wink). Some folks will tell me not to waste the money and maybe there are better alternatives for less. I am open to better alternatives yet I will be partial in this gift to the first growths. Any help or guidance will be appreciated. I can be reached at princear@bellsouth.netfor further details or I will continue to come back to this forum. Like I said, I don't know the rules, but I am willing to oblige by them once I know. THX
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The first thing is to have a plan to store these wines properly. If you don't have proper storage, get it first.

This is probably not the best place to score 2003 and 2005 First Growths. Buy a subscription to WineSearcher's Professional Version and use it to locate the wines, or you can visit any of the major auction houses online to make your buys.

Your kids are lucky, not only in the years of their birth but that they have a dad who will buy them this kind of 21st birthday present.

Good luck!


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