While the Seaquams cannot attend the August 9 BBR offline, they will be in London in early July, and we are planning to offline.

Anyone else up for an early July offline? I've checked a London restaurant BYO site and there are a couple of restaurants (one French, one Spanish, as I recall) in South Kensington that allow BYO for a very reasonable price. I suggest South Kensington because I expect to be staying there, and the Seaquams will be nearby as well. Of course, if any locals or anyone else has any suggestions, make 'em!

Aussie, BirDungy, KillerB, Jan - whaddya say?
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I'm afraid it's gotta be the 7th Aussie, as Seaquam informs that he has a commitment the 6th. But no reason why you and I can't offline another time, I'm there for six weeks, after all. Cool Cool Cool

KB - we are looking at a BYO restaurant in South Kensington called Tendido Cero, at 174 Old Brompton Road, phone: 0207 370 3685, Corkage: £2. The BYO website (http://www.wine-pages.com/byoblist.shtml) described the food as Classic Spanish tapas - only superbly done" and said it was about £35.

Of course, if you know another good BYO, we're all ears!! Smile
BirDungy - hope this was a good news thing?

It would be great to offline with you early and often. Big Grin Hope you can make this, and we will see you on August 9 at BBR, right?

If you (or anyone else, for that matter) can offline another time, please let me know, either here or otherwise. Looks like I'll be at the Renaissance Chancery Court again, or you could try to get past the receptionist at the High Commission.
Originally posted by BirDungy:
Hey all

Will look into 7 July - unfortunately, this might be the same date for my leaving do at work - I resigned on Friday to take a role somewhere else. Will let you know.


Whoooaaa! Good luck BirD, I hope it's something good.
Hi guys

Thanks for the concern. The move is purely voluntary and a very exciting opportunity. Things have been a bit unsettled at my current place although it hasn't been the reason for leaving.

Is the BBR offline July 9th or Aug 9th?? I am hopeless with diary entries. Let me know.

BBR offline is August 9, I got the month wrong above (though I will correct it now...)

Are you in BirD? BBR will be portlovers' nirvana!! Big Grin It would be great to offline at least twice! (make up for the time we tried to offline but missed each other, 2 or 3 years ago).
hi b

Sorry for the delayed response. I will have to say maybe at this point. I will be starting a new job on August 1st so it will be my second week there and given that the 9th is mid-week, it might not be a great idea to turn up pissed the next morning.

When do you arrive in the UK?

I arrive July 3.

The Seaquam offline is July 7, not August 7, eh? BBR offline is August 9, and notwithstanding your reasonable concerns about your new job, you will not want to miss it!

Aussie already mentioned another possible offline with those already in London and me. I would certainly be up for that one night. I've made plans for a couple of Saturdays already but otherwise am free almost any evening not already mentioned in this forum.

One of my little projects for this visit is to visit every wine bar worthy of the name within a reasonable distance from Holborn tube station. As it happens, I think there are several within walking distance of same Tube station (i.e. El Vino, Cork and Bottle, and a new one in my hotel called Pearls).
So, who's in for this offline next week? - July 7. Seaquam and I both fly this weekend and I'm not sure how often I can be online between Saturday and this event.

At the moment I count the following:

Seaquam (2)
bman (1)
KillerB (1 for sure, and possibly 2?)
BirDungy (2?)

Please confirm, of otherwise, ASAP. Smile
I visited the venue (Tendido Cero at 174 Old Brompton Road) and it seems ideal - not swanky but lots of tapas, each in two sizes of plate in case we want a little or a lot.

I made a reservation for 6:30 pm, notwithstanding the fact that the kitchen doesn't open until 7pm, we can open our bottles and get started then.

There are two wine shops on Old Brompton Road between the South Ken tube station and the restaurant, one a well-stocked Oddbins, the other much smaller - don't recall the name, in cased we need more wine Big Grin

Still lots of time for others to join in if they wish......
I am fine and KillerB is evidently fine. Mrs. bman is a bit panicked back in Ottawa but that will pass.

I've been in touch with the Seaquams' group and as far as they know they were on foot and not on the tube this morning, and none of the blasts appear to have happened anywhere near where they were. I'm hoping to hear from them ASAP.

We have all been asked to stay put for now, apparently the streets are inpenetrable at the moment anyways.
And yet it worked at my hotel! Big Grin

I've heard from Seaquams and they are fine but sadly, our offline is off, as they leave town tomorrow Frown.

On the other hand, I now have some nice Spanish wines, including a 1987 Vina Arana Reserva rioja alta which seems to be very special (not that I know a thing about Spanish wines).

All the more reason now to have our own ofline whenever we are all available. I'll check into the thread I started yesterday now.
This is the first time I've had the time to log onto here since we were in London. We are currently in Venice, just outside San Marco Square (at possibly the most expensive internet cafe in Europe!).

We were just about to enter Paddington Station when the police came running toward us and instructed everyone to evacuate the area. The first rumours didn't sound all that ominous, so we ended up taking a very long walk--couldn't understand at the time why we couldn't find a bus or a taxi-- through Hyde Park all the way to Harrod's, where we saw the early edition papers-- we were shocked, as much of the world has been.

Anyway, we're glad to be alright, and sorry that our plans had to change so quickly, bman. We look forward to seeing you and the London crew on some happier occasion.

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