Hello friends - D and I will be in London for a week or so with some friends over the New Years holiday to celebrate a milestone anniversary.  I'm ashamed to say we've not spent any time in London, hence the selection for this trip, and I've found some good ideas in older posts but everything is 3-4 years old so any updated thoughts would be welcome.  Think relatively casual as we are making this a pretty "comfy" trip and packing light, so availability of proper attire for some spots will be limited. 

I appreciate it!

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Haven't been in 2 years - but we had great meals at the following:

Pollen Street Social

Lorne - truly great value and excellent well-priced wine list

Kitchen W8

and Windmill Pub for pies

Also had a great lunch at Arabica in Borough Market


I should add that Pollen Street and Kitchen W8 were very well priced for the quality of meal

Hope you guys have a great time in London!  GF and I spent Xmas and New Years several years ago.  Excellent time of year.

As far as restaurants go for celebrating an anniversary, I can recommend the Gilbert Scott in the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.  Food was great.  Enjoy a drink in the bar of the hotel.  

Afternoon Tea in the Marriott County Hall was great too - worthy of a celebration and great views of the London Eye and Westminster.

I've received recommendations for the Sky Garden and the restaurant at the top of the Shard, but I have not tried them yet.

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