Lillian Syrah? Worth the price?

I always hesitate when their offer arrives.

I've had Lillian 3 or 4 times, both labels.

I think it's a good wine, but I think it's over-priced. Syrah is one of those varietals that you can find great values in. For $95, you could be drinking very, very good Northern Rhone, or some Cayuse on the secondary market, or Tablas Creek's Panoplie (almost 2 bottles of their Esprit). On the list, Alban Reva is ~$98 all-in, and Saxum is $89 and there are forum members offering to share their allocations.

I'd take practically any Cote-Rotie over this wine, especially at $95. And if French isn't your thing, I'd take any of the wines mentioned above, and probably a few others, before spending that kinda cash on Lillian.

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Thanks guys. I have never experienced her wine, but at 3 bottle minimums x 2 at 500 total, I think I can find better value elsewhere. I'd be interested in any recommendations.

Jorge, yes French suits me just fine :-)
I'll jump all over some Cote-Rotie instead.
I'll jump on the other side of that coin. I LOVE these. Really great Syrahs that have a lot of depth and concentration to them.

Ex assistant winemaker at SQN using the same grapes from the White Hawk Vineyard that older SQN Syrahs came from.

I notice a lot of similarities between these and SQN yet a little more "feminine" if I dare say.

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